Keep Color From Fading With Wella Professionals’ New Color Fresh Masks


Whether you color your hair in the salon or go the DIY route at home, there’s one thing that anyone who regularly dyes their hair can agree on — keeping your new hair color looking fresh for as long as possible is an absolute must. Because let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than washing your hair and seeing your beautiful color slowly fade away each time you hop in the shower. It’s like literally watching your hard-spent money go down the drain.

Thankfully, Wella Professionals has the perfect solution for anyone worried about preserving their gorgeous color. The professional hair care brand has just launched their new Color Fresh Masks in the U.S. and trust us, you’re going to want to add these beauties to your at-home color maintenance routine, ASAP. 

Offering the best of both worlds — color and conditioning — essentially, Wella’s Color Fresh Masks ($24) are zero-damage, semi-permanent color depositing masks designed to maintain or transform your color from the comfort of your home. Along with providing color, these masks have a deep conditioning formula made with enriching ingredients like avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, and argan oil, that will ensure your strands feel smoother and more moisturized after each use. 

So, whether your hair has lost its luster or you’re a blonde dealing with some major brassiness, you can count on these masks to bring your hair back to life without ever having to reach for box dye or book another touch-up appointment. Not to mention, they also serve as a great option for anyone looking to experiment with a fun new hu,  given their easy application.

According to Wella Professionals North American Ambassador Briana Cisneros, the application process for the masks is really straightforward. “It’s as easy as shampooing your hair and then using a Color Fresh Mask as your conditioner,” she explained. “Wait 10 minutes, rinse it out, and style.”

This must-have line is available in 11 stunning shades including bold and vibrant hues like mint, pink, and red as well as more natural, fall-appropriate colors like copper glow, caramel glaze, and chocolate touch. The best part is that no matter which shade you choose, not only will the results be visible and beautiful, but your color will fade perfectly.

To experience the Wella’s Color Fresh Mask for yourself, head over to Amazon,, or any Wella Professionals salon to make a purchase. And for all upcoming product launches, be sure to follow @wellahairusa on Instagram. 

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