Light Therapy : The Game-Changing, Non-Invasive Beauty Device Your Skin Care Routine is Missing.


What if the missing piece of your skin care routine isn’t another serum or a monthly treatment, but the regular use of colored lights near the skin? For the cost of one bottle of fancy serum, you can incorporate a light therapy device that works on a myriad of skin concerns into your routine and try it for yourself.  Light therapy is a non-invasive skin care treatment that utilizes different wavelengths of lights to treat various skin concerns including acne, fine lines and inflammation. 

Each color of light wavelengths provides energy that our bodies can harness to improve the skin in various ways.  Let’s dive in. 

Types of Light Therapy

Photo Creds: Laura Ehlers

Red Light:

Perhaps the most well known light therapy is red light therapy. Red light therapy has been shown in studies to stimulate the production of collagen, promote blood flow, aid with healing damaged skin, and decrease inflammation. All of these benefits make red light a perfect choice for anti- aging benefits and overall skin health. 

Blue Light: 

Blue light is best known for treating acne and diminishing breakouts. Blue light is even used in photodynamic therapy, a therapy done by your dermatologist on precancerous spots. 

Yellow Light: 

Newest on the scene is yellow light. Yellow light is thought to improve the elasticity of skin, making it another great choice for mature skin and those with preventative aging routine. Some claim that yellow light can improve rosacea, although red light has rosacea benefits as well. 

My Experience With Light Therapy

Photo Creds: Laura Ehlers

I have owned a red light panel for years and love the benefits of it, so I had to try the Aura Light Therapy Mask. 

The Aura comes with the option to use red light, blue light, yellow light or a combination of all three light spectrums at once. 

The mask itself is easy to wear and operate. It is made of lightweight, flexible silicone with embedded LED lights that change colors to enhance the skin in different ways.  Your eyes should be closed when you wear your mask, so I found it most comfortable to use while lying down listening to a podcast. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to program with the attached remote. All you need is 10-15 minutes a day to change your skin using light therapy. With the Aura, you can customize your treatment for your skin’s needs each day. I normally enjoy using red light for age prevention, blood circulation and to stimulate collagen production, but if I get a break out I know I can switch to blue light to treat it, then back to red light to heal the skin afterwards.

I noticed after a few weeks of consistent use, my skin looks brighter and more even than before I incorporated light therapy into my routine. Even my acupuncturist asked what I was doing differently in my skincare routine! 

What do you think about light therapy? Are you more willing to incorporate it into your own routine? Let us know in the comments!

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Laura Ehlers

Laura Ehlers is a clean beauty influencer.  The term “clean beauty” is rather ambiguous, so in addition to sharing routines and reviews, Laura loves to educate how to decipher beauty product labels and help each person tailor their own definition of what clean beauty means for themselves. The mission of Laura’s Natural Life is to help individuals ease into a non-toxic lifestyle one step at a time, with an emphasis on clean beauty products.


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