Looking Forward: The Signature Service

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As we head back to work, it’s important to ask ourselves: What is our new signature? We need to take a good look at how we take care of everyone who enters our salon doors on a daily basis. From our salon teams to our guests, how we serve them, protect them and set them up for success will create our true signature. It is not, nor has it ever been, just the way we cut, color and style that sets us apart. It’s the way we serve others.  


As our time is precious and our schedules are filling up fast, we need to serve our guests’ needs quickly and efficiently. To avoid the bottleneck of returning appointments, color services should be simplified and focused to minimize time and cost for your guests. Utilizing express techniques and planning out a long-term strategy for their color is crucial to maximizing time behind the chair. Think quality and sophistication vs. quantity and inconsistency. 


With many upcoming changes to the salon experience, asking our guests to come in with clean hair will allow us to minimize contact points and create haircuts in their natural state. Approaching your haircutting techniques with styling in mind will help create a strategy for their look, both in the salon and at home.


Once we have created a cut that fits our guests’ lifestyles, it is so important to educate them on techniques in how to finish their hair on a daily basis. Teach them different techniques to create looks in wet styling and air drying, as well as educating them on great products for home maintenance. Doing so minimizes touch points and time spent blow drying in the salon while adding value to your guests’ daily life. 

The new signature is service. So, when you go back to the salon, think about how you will take care of your guests every single day. We as an industry need to up our game. We are committed and privileged to serve our communities. And as we move forward, let’s get back to the core of what our industry is about: incredible service. 

All my best on your return to the salon and your guests.

Chrystofer Benson
Chrystofer Benson
Chrystofer Benson is a global award-winning colorist and stylist. He acts as Matrix's Global Artistic Director and has his own brand of products and education at haircbc.com