Matrix’s New Blonding Products Are a Must-Have for Color Appointments


Let’s face it: as beautiful as blonde hair is, the process of going blonde can put a lot of stress on your clients’ strands. No matter how careful you are during lightening or bleaching, there is always the chance that you will cause some amount of damage to their hair, leaving it looking dull, dry, and brittle.  

That’s why Matrix introduced a new blonding and bonding system that will help save your client’s strands both during and after their salon appointment. With the launch of their new Matrix Light Master Pre-Bonded Powder Lightener, Unbreak My Blonde Bleach Finder Color Changing Lightener Rinse, and SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded Acidic Toner, (which all pair perfectly with their already released Total Results Break My Blonde at-home care products), colorists will be able to effortlessly lighten, tone, and provide after-care for all of their blonde clients, without having to worry about breakage or chemical damage.

This multi-step system was specifically designed to meet the needs of colorists and clients which is why the key ingredient in all of the product formulations is citric acid. For those who don’t know, citric acid not only has the ability to reinforce weakened bonds that have been compromised by hair dye and bleach, but also revive lightened hair, so your clients’ strands will be left feeling softer, shinier, and stronger.

Curious about how Matrix’s new blonding and bonding systems works? Keep reading for all of the details.

Step 1: Lighten with Matrix Light Master Pre-Bonded Powder Lightener

Your favorite lightener just got a whole new look! Despite its new name and packaging, the Matrix Light Master still offers the same pre-bonded formula that you know and love. This lightener will protect bonds to keep fibers strong while offering up to 8 levels of lift. The best part is that no additives are needed, so you’ll definitely save time at the salon!

Step 2: Prime with Matrix Unbreak My Blond Bleach Finder Color Changing Lightener Rinse

Prepare your clients for their best blonde ever, with the Unbreak My Blond Bleach Finder Color Changing Lightener Rinse. This first-of-its-kind, backbar shampoo features a smart cleansing formula that targets and removes any lightening particles leftover from the bleach, so that you’re left with a nice, clean canvas to apply your toner. This innovative product also helps balance the hair’s pH and even has the unique ability to change colors —from its initial yellow to a vibrant pink—to help inform colorists that additional rinsing of the hair is needed.

Step 3: Tone with SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded Acidic Toner — Opals Palette

When you’re ready to tone your client’s hair, reach for the SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded Acidic Toner. Formulated with an exclusive bond-protecting concentrate and 100 percent oxidative dyes, these long-lasting pre-bonded and pre-blended acidic toners go beyond neutralization to illuminate every blonde, thanks to their iridescent tones. There’s also the added bonus of these formulas being deposit-only so they’ll be able to provide high shine as well as extra conditioning.

Step 4: Care with Total Results Unbreak My Blonde At-Home Care System

To help maintain your clients’ new blond in between salon visits, you definitely want to send them home with the complete Unbreak My Blonde At-Home Care System. This three-piece system includes a sulfate-free strengthening shampoo and conditioner as well as a reviving leave-in treatment that together will help refresh any lightened strands after in-salon appointments. What’s great about this system is any hair type that has been damaged from coloring or overprocessing can reap its benefits — not just blondes. In fact, this family of products has even been tested through Matrix’s Hair Diversity Matrix to ensure its compatibility with all hair types and textures.

If you’re a colorist that’s ready to experience the magic of newest blonding and bonding products, they will all be available beginning next month. Currently, the Total Results Unbreak My Blond At-Home Care System is available at and

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Camille Nzengung

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