Meet Cali-Curl, the New Salon Service Your Clients Have Been Waiting For


What if we told you that there was an easier way to achieve those gorgeous, soft beachy waves that all your clients are obsessed with? And, if it could also help save you valuable time behind the chair?  

Image courtesy of Cali-Curl

Salon pros, allow us to introduce you to Cali-Curl: a revolutionary new salon service that creates healthy, long-lasting waves with just one single formula. Unlike traditional texture services of the past, the Cali-Curl Beach Waves service utilizes innovative patented waving tools and liquid bond-building technology to assist you with creating that just-got-back-from-the-beach texture that your clients have been dreaming of.

And, to think the idea for the brand all started after Founder and CEO Kevin Hoye noticed people on the street admiring his wife’s naturally wavy hair. 

Founder and CEO Kevin Hoye

“The story of Cali-Curl started several years ago with a random stranger stopping Callie and I on the street and asking us, ‘How can my wife have hair like yours?’ in looking at Callie’s hair and curl pattern,” said Hoye. “What started off as a quest to create the perfect shape to match Callie’s hair turned into a full-time journey into creating a patented professional service that has emerged into being so much more than a soft beachy wave pattern. We set out to do what we were told was impossible because there wasn’t a solution on the market, nor was the technology—so we created it.”

Here, The Tease had the pleasure of catching up with Hoye as well as Cali-Curl’s newly appointed Artistic Director, Ammon Carver, about why the salon service is a game-changer for our industry, the secret to the perfect beach wave, and what’s next for the brand.

The Tease: Kevin, congratulations on launching Cali-Curl! What can you tell us about your new service?

Kevin Hoye: Cali-Curl is a brand-new professional salon service that is a texturizing system focused on creating soft beachy waves, creating volume and grip with the hair while maintaining undeniable shine and soft touchable hair health. All this while flipping the script on what people traditionally thought of the perms of the past. 

A traditional Cali-Curl is done with only 6 Cali-Curl Rings which are our unique patented tools, instead of 30+ perm rods of the past. It also incorporates our patent pending waving solution designed to work with our patented bond repairing system for an efficient 45-65 min service that can give texture that lasts up to 6 months.

Image courtesy of Cali-Curl

What makes the Cali-Curl service such a game-changing salon service for the hairstyling industry?

Hoye: Game-changing is a reaction we hear from a lot of stylists and distributors, but we really tried to take a curious and fresh look at problems of the past from both the stylist perspective and the customer’s wants and needs. It meant looking at efficient solutions to create the shape in the hair that is intuitive to stylists and meets the looks clients are requesting. Next, we tackled how to protect the hair, create incredible shine, while also minimizing color shifts and damage on porous hair types.Thus, focusing on stylist solutions to common problems in the salon by meeting the needs of the customers unique hair types. Finally, no one likes the smell of perms of the past, and we have a unique patent pending waving solution that greatly reduces the odor yet does not weaken the proven formula which has been a welcomed solution for everyone in the salon and customers and their families when they go home.

And, congratulations are also in order for you, Ammon! You were recently named Cali-Curl’s Artistic Director. How did you first get introduced to Cali-Curl and what drew you to want to work with the brand?

Ammon Carver: I fell in love with what Cali-Curl can do for clients and for stylists. I immediately was intrigued by the Cali-Curl rings and how in just 6-rings you could achieve so many beautiful waves. Then I began to get to know the story behind Cali-Curl, and how much time and effort went into designing every facet of the service and the strategy and intelligence behind it. I simply had to jump on the wave!

Cali-Curl Artistic Director, Ammon Carver

What are you hoping to achieve as the new Artistic Director?

Carver: With Cali-Curl, we hope to leave a mark on the industry in the texture services category like Vidal Sassoon did on haircutting. Cali-Curl is changing the industry for stylists and salons by freshening up the salon menu with an entirely new service and therefore revenue source. It also provides clients with a new hair foundation that enables them to achieve styles that they would have never been able to before. All with less heat and less damage. Basically, my goal is to make the clients’ lives easier and the stylist more money.

Cali-Curl recently introduced their new Beach Wave Service to the industry. What is your favorite thing about this service?

Carver: There are so many benefits that I love about the Cali-Curl service but my favorite for stylists is that you don’t need to go out looking for new Cali-Curl clients—they are already in your chair and Cali-Curl is a great conversation starter! And, we all know that the more frequently your clients are coming into the salon for services, the more loyal they will be which translates to deeper relationships with our clients and higher revenues for stylists that work so hard.

Image courtesy of Cali-Curl

What is it about the Cali-Curl service that you think will resonate with not only stylists but also clients?

Carver: The Cali-Curl service in the salon is fast. It only takes 45-65 minutes, which is good for everyone. The look is timeless—highly desired and requested. The hair health is undeniable even with color treated and finer hair types. Plus, the new hair texture offers volume and lasting hold. And, no one is going to complain about any lasting odor.

Do you have any pro tips for stylists interested in using the Cali-Curl service at their salon?

Carver: Get solid and get consistent at doing the Classic Cali-Curl. But, first watch the how-to videos on the website (, as this is a new service. It was developed using techniques taught in school but there are nuances, so pay attention to every detail as it is easy to miss a step if you are not focused, but the service itself is very simple. Even if you are a veteran stylist, don’t be tempted to customize with different rings and styles before you get your timing and technique down with the Classic. Remember, every head of hair is different, the Cali-Curl formula is the same, but things like porosity, hair length, cut, health, etc. can yield different results even with the same Classic wrap. So, my hair recommendation is to master the foundations first, then the sky is the limit!

What are some of your favorite Cali-Curl styling and care products to use?

Carver: They are all my favorites! The Cali-Curl home care products are designed to be used together to extend the life of your Cali-Curl. The Bond Therapy Masque is your best friend, use weekly or after a second or third shampoo. The Bond Therapy Mist is a great foundation after a wash and for refreshing curls. It also helps with heat protection. The Anti-Flyaway Serum is great for a light cast and laying down fly-aways while refreshing curls and yet the hair is still soft and touchable.

Image courtesy of Cali-Curl

What would you recommend to stylists who are trying the line for the first time?

Carver: Watch the videos and read the instructions. Then, like anything new, get the first one under your belt on a mannequin/friend/coworker/family member, etc. The most important step in the service is knowing when the processing is complete. By practicing the Cali-Curl two-step processing check you will be able to clearly recognize the distinct reaction of the hair and how it looks when the processing is done. This way no matter who your first paying guest is, you will know with confidence when the processing is complete.

In your opinion, what’s the secret to the perfect beach wave?

Carver: For stylists, build the foundation of your Cali-Curl knowledge by mastering the “classic” Cali-Curl with just 6 sections. After that you can let your creativity come out and play with customization.

 For clients, daily use of the Cali-Curl haircare products will extend the longevity of your Cali-Curl. Learning to cast hair with anti-flyaway is simple and makes styling at home very efficient.

Lastly, what can we all expect to see from Cali-Curl in the coming months?

Hoye: Product is now shipping and Cali-Curl will be on the salon service menu in salons across the USA through some of the best independent distributors in the country. Texture is a big topic with both stylists and clients so education events and getting the word out both about the professional service as well as techniques for clients to maintain their new texture is our focus right now. It’s been a minute since some of these texture conversations have happened at this level so there is a lot of room for people to share their styling techniques to go along with texture services. We are constantly in R&D, seeking new enhancements, innovative technology and refining our own techniques. The feedback since launch has been incredible so thank you to all of the stylists asking their distributors for Cali-Curl. It is so motivating as we continue to push and evolve our new brand!

For more information about Cali-Curl, be sure to visit or follow @cali.curl on Instagram.

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