Meet the Dynamic Duo Leading John Paul Mitchell Systems Into the Future

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This week’s guests are John Paul Mitchell Systems new CEO, Michaeline DeJoria, and John Paul Mitchell Systems new President, Jason Yates. Kelly Ehlers talked to the dynamic duo about how they each got to where they are in the industry and company. 

Michaeline and Jason talked about the JPMS Salon Jumpstart Stimulus Program that the beauty industry in different areas. They explained their mindset during the pandemic about helping others and making sure people were taken care of inside their company, but also their beauty community.

The two went on to explain some of JPMS’s other services that started during COVID, including their clean beauty line and Hair AI™. Michaeline and Jason elaborated on how these services and products are changing the beauty industry. Michaeline also gives insight into JPMS partnership with Winnie Harlow as their first ever global ambassador. 

Don’t miss out on hearing about how Michaeline and Jason are bringing John Paul Mitchell Systems into the future!

“And I often said that I never felt that I could be an effective leader or make the best decisions unless I understand the complete implications of what those decisions are.”

“And having hairdressers in those positions, I think is really important, because at the end of the day, hairdressers are our customers and everything we do, starts and ends with how can we make salons more successful.”

“And the beauty of John Paul Mitchell systems is we’re a company of people and people who care.”

“That challenges us to get better and better and push the envelope.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey