Meet the Winners of the Beauty Changes Lives Summer 2022 Wella and Jerry Alexander Gorman Scholarships


Beauty Changes Lives has given a few lucky cosmetology students a big reason to celebrate. The nonprofit organization, along with Wella Company and Jerry Alexander Gorman Foundation have announced the winners of their respective scholarships for the Summer 2022 season.

For the summer session, Wella Company invited students enrolled in both hair and nail education programs to compete for a tuition award. OPI Products, which is under the Wella umbrella, partnered with Beauty Changes Lives to support three nail technology students in the OPI’s “Round Yourself in Color” scholarship. Additionally, Wella formed a new scholarship for two newly accepted or currently enrolled cosmetology students with the “Look, Feel, and Be Your True Self” $6,000 scholarship. The scholarship asks recipients to explain how Wella’s core values of collaborative, creative, courageous, connected, and committed resonate with them and why.

For its part, the Jerry Alexander Gorman Foundation was created in memory of Jerry Alexander Gorman, who lived a life dedicated to his passion for the professional beauty industry. The foundation’s main emphasis is on awarding scholarships to students, specifically to those living in lower income families, to support their education to any discipline within the professional beauty industry. The Jerry Alexander Gorman Foundation “The Passion to Succeed” Student Scholarship is awarded through the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation and is open to newly accepted or currently enrolled students in cosmetology, barbering, hair design, esthetics, or a nail technology program that leads to licensure in the U.S. Three recipients received the $3,300 scholarship.

Ahead, learn about all of the Summer 2022 winners below.

Wella Company’s “Look, Feel, and Be Your True Self” $6,000 Scholarship Winners

Gretchen Nunez Guerrero, @titalowbudget

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Guerrero is a student at Innovate Empire Beauty School in Lakeland, Fl. After years of chemical treatments to straighten her natural curls, she made the decision to stop straightening her long hair, chop it off, and bring back her natural texture. This led her on a path to pro beauty! For Guerrero, the Wella Company value she resonates the most with is courage.

Jayme Crandall, @paintitblackhairandnails

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Crandall is a student at Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails in Fort Worth, TX. She believes that the Wella Company value of courage, is what drives her to make the necessary changes, to embrace her passions. Courage motivated Jayme to group out of nursing school and start cosmetology school. She continues to be courageous in her quest to make her passion for the beauty industry her forever career.

OPI’s “Round Yourself in Color” $2,000 Scholarship Winners

Callie Schnitkey, @calliecreates_nails

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Schnitkey is a student at Summit Salon Academy in Perrysburg, OH. She can’t imagine her life without nail polish and explains that if she could develop her own nail color, she would name the bright orange hue, “It Girl”. To her, the shade “It Girl” would symbolize her confidence and how she is ready to conquer anything that comes her way.

Holdyn Hastey, @hkgelnails

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Hastey is a student at Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Science in Las Vegas, NV. She hopes to someday encourage girls and boys to create phenomenal artwork on nails. If she had the opportunity to name a new OPI nail color, she would call it “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”. She says the phrase has been her motto and says that “no matter how much you know, or maybe don’t know, you still need to show confidence while you are learning your craft and eventually you will get there.”

Kaitlyn Alley, @bedofnails814

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Alley is a student at Altoona Beauty School in Altoona, PA. She is currently following her passion for nails after already receiving her chemistry degree at a four-year college. If she had the chance to name a future best-selling OPI lacquer, she would call it “Resilience.” To her, the word has a special meaning, as she completely uprooted her life, changed her career, and she never let the bad times get her down. She is rewriting her whole life to finally do what she feels she truly loves.

Jerry Alexander Gorman Foundation “The Passion to Succeed” $3,300 Scholarship Winners

Maisey Considine, @maisey_ann

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Considine is a cosmetology student at Aveda Institute in Boise, ID. Winning this scholarship would help aid in her medical bills, being a one income household that moved across the country, and would alleviate the financial burden of going back to school and get her closer to her career and ability to bring happiness to others.

Terry Keller, @akashic_jewelry

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Keller is a barber student at Innovate Salon Academy in South Plainfield, NJ. He says he is very driven and is jumping into this experience with everything he has. Keller can’t wait to make people smile by bringing out their beauty. “I look forward to a new journey, a new chapter, and I believe that every obstacle has brought me to this moment, and I can’t wait to make the most of this experience, “ he says.

Laura Barrows, @khonsu.esthetics

Image Courtesy: Beauty Changes Lives

Barrows is an esthetics student at Crave Beauty Academy in Wichita, KS. According to her, “beauty generates confidence, brings happiness, and gives people hope, but mostly it changes people’s lives.” She hopes to bring those same feelings to those that she touches every day.

For more information about all open scholarships, be sure to visit or follow @beautychangeslives on Instagram.

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