MicroNeedZ Eye Patches – Close to At-Home Acupuncture



Who’s in for a little at-home acupuncture? After 7 months of work-from-home, my colleagues started to notice puffiness, dark circles, and dare I say it… fine lines (the horror) around my eyes. It could be the extra hours our phones are reporting for screen time, zooming in on our laptops, or squinting into the sun as we emerge from our dungeons. Needless to say, the dewy fresh-eyed professionals we were in April could use a little extra oomph. 

These are some of the many reasons we decided to double up in 2020 and include the Eyetitude MicroNeedZ Patches in our eye-themed, Evil Eye Good-Bye December Box.

Microneedling is a process that creates small punctures that stimulate your skin to heal itself and kickstart cell regeneration. This process boosts collagen through the roof — more collagen means smoother, firmer, and more evenly toned skin. It can also lead to faded scars, erased wrinkles, and shrunken pores. Check out our article that goes in-depth into the process.

Now, if like me, you’re a bit fearful of needles and haven’t quite made it to acupuncture — don’t worry. The patches do ‘poke’ enough to make you feel like there is indeed something magical occurring, but it’s nothing more than a slight snap of a thin rubber band and is gone within minutes. After applying, you feel the tell-tale tightness we come to expect from our favorite age-defying products. Just be careful not to smile too hard or scrunch up your eyes during application. 

Not nearly as fleeting are the results! The built-in hyaluronic micro-needles in the Eyetitute MicroNeedZ Eye Patches are totally safe and work wonders for puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body to keep water in your tissues to help maintain moisture but can be depleted by the normal aging process. When your skin is hydrated, it reduces visible lines and wrinkles. 

Suggested applications: Apply your patches with a drop of your favorite serum and wear overnight to recover elasticity, restore moisture, and erase wrinkles from under eyes. 

The brand recommends wearing the Eyetitude patches twice a week for the first two weeks for an initial transformation, then one week thereafter for maintenance.

Looking to get your hands on a pair to try it out? We’ll be giving away packets on Instagram at @readthetease. But to treat your eyes and say goodbye to 2020, we recommend the Evil Eye Good-Bye December box, over $100 value for just $24.99 on TheTease.com/Shop

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