Get Stuck on Microneedling at Home


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Microneedling is one of skincare’s newest sensations. It sounds scary, but creating small punctures actually stimulates your skin to heal itself and kickstart cell regeneration. What was once saved for derm’s offices and $100 to $700 sessions is now super accessible and affordable at home. 

So, why opt to repeatedly stick your face with tiny needles? Like we mentioned, doing so boosts collagen through the roof –– an anti-aging component we’ve been loving lately at The Tease. More collagen means smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin. It can also lead to faded scars, erased wrinkles and shrunken pores.

Not to mention, microneedling isn’t nearly as invasive as it sounds. Because the abrasions are made on the top most layer of this skin, this method is safe for most skin types. The only people who should be cautious about trying this trend are those with skin conditions, damage and hypersensitivity. For most, however, a microneedling session should only result in mild redness and irritation afterward.

Stock Your Supplies

Dermarollers are a common go-to for at-home microneedling. These handheld skincare devices feature a rotating set of needles to gently massage across your face and create the miniature perforations. The best results come from multiple sessions –– another reason beyond pure convenience to invest in an at-home option.

Another more tailored alternative are microneedling patches. Eyetitude’s MicroNeedZzz Eye Patches uses built-in hyaluronic acid microneedle patches to deliver dermal active ingredients deep into the skin. Pair with a few drops of your favorite vitamin C serum to work double duty on anti-aging and make removal easy.

The Science Behind It

By stimulating collagen and recovering elasticity, microneedling helps combat puffiness, dark circles and fine lines underneath the eyes. Because our skin already bumps up cell regeneration as we sleep, try this treatment before bed to maximize the tech. With the MicroNeedZzz Eye Patches, you can even wear them overnight to get the best results. Use these patches twice a week for the first two weeks to kickstart your results. Then, reduce to once a week for regular upkeep.

After a microneedling session, take extra care to address skin sensitivity, keeping in mind that your skin is now covered with small, open wounds. Pay extra attention to tool hygiene and, if you treat your skin before bed, your pillow cases. Indulging in an ice roller may also help reduce redness and irritation. Once your skin begins healing, protect with a luxe moisturizer and, as always, a generous layer of sunscreen.

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