Miki Wright Revisits a Year of BLM in Beauty

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This week’s guest was Miki Wright, who was a guest on the podcast a couple of weeks back for the Miki Wright’s Podcast is a Platform for Black Voices in the Salon Professional Industry episode. Miki is back this week as she is using the month of May on her own podcast Beauty Superstars Talk to highlight how the beauty industry has changed in the year after the murder of George Floyd. 

Miki takes time out from her podcast to sit down with Jeffrey Lunnen and Kelly Ehlers to tell us about what we might expect this month from her podcast and what guests she has lined up from different aspects of the industry! She gives insight into what changes have been made and what changes need to continue to be made for individuals of color in the beauty industry, as well as her thoughts and feelings on BLM in the industry and the country.

Don’t miss out hearing from Miki Wright both on The Tease and on Beauty Superstars Talk all month long!


Tuesday, May 4th – Salon Survival at Ground Zero with NAHA Winner, Faatemah Ampey, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Thursday, May 6th – Rising to the Top in Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment with Crystal Wright, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Tuesday, May 11th – Black Beauty 365 with Weldon Bond, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Thursday, May 13th – Play Bigger! with Corynne Corbett, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Tuesday, May 18th – Fighting for Equality with Jalia Pettis, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Wednesday, May 19th – Black Colorists: The 2021 Update with Jessica Kidd sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Tuesday, May 25th – Is Multi-Cultural a Myth? with Dominique Lunn, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Go to BeautySuperStars.com to join the conversation.

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey