More Hair, More Power


Growing up, I loved watching shows like “What Not to Wear” and “America’s Next Top Model.” In each episode, women learned the importance of clothes, makeup and hair in unearthing their confidence. Then, when the outside matched the inside, magic happened.

I see that same fascination from my daughter, already. At just two years old, she loves to feel pretty. When Mama does her hair or lets her put on lip gloss, she gains a little sass. She’s also fascinated with what I do for a living; all the tools and beauty products. Still, I have an intense desire to show her that beauty stems from how you feel about yourself –– that what I do isn’t just skin deep. 

Part of why I specialize in hair extensions goes back to my own hair insecurities. After having two kids, my hair stopped growing the way it had before. It became weaker, thinner and grew in patches. This made me feel frumpy and insecure.

I tried fusion extensions and tape-ins, but nothing gave me what I was looking for –– a feeling shared by my clients, too. I was always let down at the end of an appointment and never happy with the results. That’s when I stumbled upon hand-tied hair extensions with a beaded-weft method.

I was floored at how much coverage they gave with so few points of contact. Plus, the look was so customizable. With a perfect color match, they were virtually undetectable, making hair look lush, full and so much healthier! Hand-tied extensions changed my self-confidence, and afterward, I knew they were exactly what I needed to help other women find their inner badasses.  

When I sit down with clients during their consultations, I ask what their goals are: Do they want length? Fullness? Both? However, what I really want to know is how they want to feel. Powerful? Sexy? To regain enough confidence to go for the promotion they know they deserve?

Nine times out of ten, women will tell me, “I just want to feel good about myself again.” Seeing women become self-assured when they achieve their ultimate hair dreams brings the same joy I felt watching those transformative TV show makeovers. 

I always knew I wanted my career to have meaning and purpose beyond creating pretty hair. Hand-tied hair extensions have become my way of uplifting women so they can conquer their fears and go for their dreams.

Through this experience, I want my daughter to see what I do as empowering — as well as the power of hair to make a difference. When a woman looks in the mirror and feels this new confidence, she has the chance to tap into her unlimited potential.

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Lexie Rose

Lexie has been a licensed stylist for five years in Orlando, FL and currently works at Theory Salon. She is a blonde specialist and triple certified in hand-tied extensions. Her main goal is for everyone to walk out of her chair feeling more beautiful and confident than when they first sat down.


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