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We can’t speak for everyone, but if you’re anything like us, we’re sure that the words ‘color melt’ have you thinking of  a vertical mixing of colors to create a blended masterpiece. But who said the classic technique had to be done vertically? Estetica recently uncovered a horizontal color melt that opened our eyes to a whole new world of blending possibility.

Sam Ploskonka, a Chicago-based stylist, created a beautiful horizontal colormelt by blending orange and green hues. Mixing the color as she goes, Ploskonka starts by applying a section of orange and slowly transitions to a blueish-green.

The video of Ploskonka in action was shared by Estetica on their IG, and we know exactly why: it’s strangely captivating and leaves you craving the finished, dry look. Thankfully, Ploskonka took to her own IG account to share the completed ‘do. Although the wet look set the bar pretty high, the completed look still manages to surpasses our expectations. It’s new, exciting AND rainbow – what else could we possibly ask for?