Olivia Garden Just Got a Chic New Logo


We’re only a couple days into 2021 and already big things are happening at Olivia Garden.

The beloved professional hair tool company took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce that a fresh new logo has been introduced, writing: “New Year, new logo! Our first update in 10 years! What do you think?” In the post, Olivia Garden gave fans a refresher of their previous two logos, sharing their original 1967 design and their 2011 rebrand, before unveiling their 2021 branding.

There is so much to love about the brand’s new logo. Keeping in line with their 2011 logo, their new iteration similarly features their “OG” symbol placed above the brand’s name. However, this time around the “O” in “OG” is more prominent thanks to an extra bold typeface as is the “Olivia” in “Olivia Garden.” Fans will also notice that the text is all in uppercase, too.

The new design overall is bold. It’s much cleaner. And, it’s going to look absolutely stunning on all their product’s packaging.

Judging from social media, the Internet seems to be in agreement. After the announcement went live, Instagram users quickly flooded the post, expressing their excitement over the rebranding.

“So clean and cute! Obsessed!” posted one person. “Bold like 2021. Love Olivia Garden,” another person commented. Others simply posted a series of heart-eye and heart emojis.

According to a press release, Olivia Garden was inspired to update their logo to reflect the innovation happening throughout the organization. It should be noted that prior to the new logo, their branding has only been changed twice before in their 54 years of business.

Image Courtesy of Olivia Garden

“At Olivia Garden, we are proud to never stand still. Even when the pandemic hit in 2020, we knew that we could not remain stagnant and we could not take a break, so we pivoted to making PPE, created the OG Essentials line all while launching an easily portable flat iron,” said Anne Maza, Co-Owner of Olivia Garden, in a press statement. “We always have and always will be changing, innovating, and helping the hair industry the best way we know how: with high quietly, problem solving, beautiful tools.”

As for what’s not changing? All the professional-quality brushes and tools you know and love that Olivia Garden consistently delivers at an affordable price point.

To see what else Olivia Garden has in store for 2021, please visit their company website or follow @oliviagardenint on Instagram.

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Camille Nzengung

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