Oscar hair; classy, sleek and sensational

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While the Grammys and the Golden Globes are a time for attendees to go above and beyond, express themselves and their style, but the 91st Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, is a step beyond the rest.

The Oscars is dubbed Hollywood’s most important night. By looking at the stars’ styles we can tell that those attending, nominated and the winners didn’t mess around this year and came with the classy, sleek look that the Oscars red carpet always delivers on.

Here are a few of the outstanding hairstyles that stole the show last night.

Charlize Theron

Out of nowhere, this bombshell and actress-extraordinaire shocked the red carpet and all those watching with her brunette debut and short cut. Her slick, simple hair was the talk of pre-award show content and will be for a while.


Angela Bassett

At 60 years old, this veteran in the business is no stranger to the Oscars. This year, she showed up in pink with a slick pony in the front, and her long locks in the back. Recently on Instagram she has been showing off her long hair and embracing the curl, and she did the same last night.

Lady Gaga

The highly-anticipated first-time attendee, nominee and winner, Lady Gaga, dressed a little different than people always expect. Instead of showing up in a meat dress or carried in a giant egg, she wore a classy black floor-length gown and styled her hair in a classic Hollywood way.

Danai Gurira

While still having a simple, elegant look, Black Panther star, Danai Gurira incorporates some gold to her long, braided hair that matched her golden dress.