Paul Mitchell, L’Oréal & More Convert Operations to Produce Hand Sanitizer


People all over the world are taking every possible measure to remain safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, this has caused many to start panic buying essential supplies, like hand sanitizer. This kind of purchasing results in major shortages in stores and other businesses, leaving those in need without. However, many hair and beauty brands have begun manufacturing hand sanitizer in order to meet the high demand.

Here are five brands who have converted operations to produce hand sanitizer for those in need.

Paul Mitchell

Hair care brand Paul Mitchell shared that they are offering up their facilities to manufacture hand sanitizer for those who need it most—the “heroes, helpers and families in need.” Focusing on providing for high-risk groups, Paul Mitchell will be “donating 20,000 units of an 80% alcohol […] hand sanitizer [spray].”


Nail color brand ORLY has informed shoppers that their Los Angeles factory has been producing 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray. ORLY revealed on their website that “the first batch of 10,000 units [is] being donated to the City of Los Angeles with a special emphasis on serving the city’s at-risk homeless population.” The change in production began at the end of March, and the hand sanitizers can be purchased here.


Beauty brand L’Oréal has really stepped up to help the crisis that the world is currently facing. The company shared that their “US and Canada production facilities [are] producing alcohol-based hand sanitizer to be provided free of charge to employees, partners and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines.”

Additionally, L’Oréal has created a program dedicated to helping the community through these trying times. The L’Oréal USA Gives Back initiative made a $250,000 donation to Feeding America and is matching all additional donations made by employees. Along with the initiative, L’Oréal has donated protective masks from their facilities to the surrounding areas. They have even joined Feed the Children to “donate essential personal care items, like cleansers and moisturizer, to American families in need.”


Another company changing production to help fill the shortage of hand sanitizer is Coty Inc. In an Instagram post from last week, the beauty company shared that they have “joined the fight by producing hand sanitizers for medical and emergency services. First batches have been produced at Coty factories in the United States and Monaco.”

Malibu C Professional

Hair and beauty brand Malibu C Professional has also altered production to fulfill the need for hand sanitizer. Malibu C shared on Instagram that they have “shifted [their] efforts and took matters into [their] own hands trying to ensure you have what you need during this time.”

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