Prada & adidas Unveil New Limited-Edition Superstar Sneakers

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On August 31st, Prada announced a new exciting collaboration between the beloved designer brand and sportswear company, adidas. The two are working together to produce three new versions of Prada Superstar sneakers. The sneakers are part of the ongoing collaboration between the brands and are the second installment of the shoes. The first was last year’s all-white version that came accompanied by a designer bowling bag.

The new take on the classic adidas design, which the brand describes as “a timeless, eternal classic, reengineered for the now,” brings luxury and quality.

The Superstars will include leather and rubber details, cotton laces, the Prada logo screen-printed on the tongue and front side and a light rubber sole with box construction and reinforced stitching.

“[This collaboration] between Prada and adidas emphasizes qualities shared by and synonymous with each: collaboration, innate respect for heritage [and] a passion for sport,” Prada explains on Instagram.

The sneakers come in three different colorways: monochrome black, classic black and white and chrome silver with white detailing. Although they don’t look much different than the original adidas Superstars, the refined sneakers are made in Italy with Prada’s high-quality leather and outstanding craftsmanship, making them worth the hefty price tag.

The new Superstars cost a whopping $525 and will launch on September 8th. Be sure to keep an eye on Prada’s website for more info.

Will you be making the investment? Let us know in the comments!

Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz is a Los Angeles-based Features Editor, creating content and working towards providing an inclusive space for beauty professionals and consumers.