Professional Beauty Federation Partners with GVC Health Tech to Launch a Virtual Healthcare Membership for Salon Pros


For many young beauty professionals, navigating health insurance is a struggle. Not only can the terms be extremely confusing, but coverage can potentially be a huge financial cost. That’s why it is not surprising at all that many beauty pros forgo health insurance or are more than likely under insured. If this is your reality, you’ll be happy to know that the Professional Beauty Federation (PBF) is doing their part to offer a more convenient, affordable, and accessible solution for the beauty community.

Through a new partnership with GVC Health Tech and its disruptive app, Give Virtual Care, the Professional Beauty Federation will now be offering beauty and barbering professionals with an affordable virtual healthcare membership that includes unlimited, on-demand, virtual urgent and general care medical appointments through Teladoc, the industry leader in tele-doctor appointments.

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While Give Virtual Care is not insurance, we have no doubt that salon pros will approve of its bundled Virtual Healthcare Membership. A membership provides both immediate or scheduled telehealth visits for general med diagnosis, discounts on prescriptions, expert second medical opinions, tele-mental health, and immediate Crisis Care as a completely bundled service for the low monthly cost of $25—and yes, this service also includes spouses/partners and full family members, too. This affordable one-insurance solution also offers 24/7 care for non-emergency conditions like cold and flu, sinus infections, sore throat, allergies, dermatology, sexual health, pediatrics and more. And, considering that the CARES Act allows HSA funds to be used for telehealth, you will definitely want to make sure that you have the Give Virtual Care app downloaded on your mobile device for future appointments.

“It has always been the goal of the Professional Beauty Federation to continue to roll out new services and offerings to benefit beauty professionals in everything we do,” said Eric Taylor, Founder/CEO of Salon Republic and Board Chairman of PBF. “We’ve had tremendous success helping the beauty and barbering industry with PPP, PPR, lowest-fee merchant credit card services, competitive low interest micro-loans and now affordable virtual healthcare membership services. The GVC mobile platform is also a powerful tool for full-service salons, spas, and barbershops to attract and retain employees, booth renters, and commission independent beauty professionals as a competitive workplace benefit.”

As if this virtual healthcare membership isn’t impressive enough, it also allows the beauty community to connect with trained mental health professionals. It’s worth noting that counseling professionals are on-demand to assist with anxiety, depression, crisis personal issues or suicide prevention for the member and their family. Plus, this membership also includes the ability to request a second medical opinion for challenging issues at no additional cost and the option to have a leading specialist evaluate any existing conditions or give guidance on medical concerns.

“We could not be prouder to partner with the Professional Beauty Federation. Having a mission to assist those that truly work so hard every single day is in our DNA,” said Founder & CEO of Give Virtual Care, Tim Ummel. “GVC is excited to work alongside the PBF team to truly change lives. Now there is a very real Virtual Healthcare solution for all stylists, barbers, and beauty professionals and even more importantly, their respective families.”

Currently, membership is made to protect up to 17 members within the member’s household. And this is with the exact  same benefit—all at no additional cost. Plus, there is an additional benefit in which elederly parents or non-dependants that fall under a caregiver situation can use the family Teledoc account with only a small consultation fee.

For more information about the Professional Beauty Federation new healthcare membership with GVC Health Tech, be sure to visit

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