Punk Rock Hair

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We’re not one’s to shy away from bold, funky and out-of-the-box haircuts. Especially when they channel ‘80s punk rock vibes. But one person’s nightmarishly bad haircut could be another person’s dream ‘do.

Colorado-based hairstylist Chelsea James recently gave one of her clients an asymmetrical, edgy cut that received a LOT of attention on IG.

James first posted a video of herself trimming baby bangs – we’re talking reaaal short- before spiking up the front of her client’s hair. James followed up the post with a photo of the final look. While we think James is a creative visionary, others weren’t really feeling it. Needless to say, this cut is one of the most polarizing styles to hit IG that we’ve ever seen.

The comments sections on both posts are split between those who absolutely love the look and those who really hate it. For every person who is “literally obsessed with it,” there are several people who feel strongly against it. Some of the more benign comments include “ewww no” and “hell to the no.”

But most of today’s greatest hair trends weren’t so popular when they first started. One user called @adrianaserranol commented, “I remember when ombré was made fun of…now everybody plus their moms have it.” Moral of the story is, don’t be too quick to judge because this could end up being the it style next month.

Regardless of how you feel about the look, this cut took some pretty serious talent to execute. Kudos to you Chelsea – you’re a queen.

Check out some of her other badass cuts.

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