SexyHair Partners with Mental Health America on Beauty Starts Within Campaign


You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “It’s what on the inside that counts.” While these words may be a cliche, they absolutely ring true for beauty. That’s why SexyHair is making a point to prioritize inner beauty and will be partnering with Mental Health America (MHA) for a new campaign called Beauty Starts Within. 

SexyHair brought together five stylists to speak candidly about mental health as it pertains to their careers. These conversations— ranging from self-care tips, to how to set boundaries, to when to seek help— gave life to the Beauty Starts Within campaign. Stylists featured (from left to right): Sabrina Porsche, Raquel Silva, Jon Carlos De La Cruz, Chaie de Jesus, and Laura Polko. Image courtesy: SexyHair

Through this campaign, SexyHair aims to empower stylists and individuals to nurture their mental health by providing education, resources, and support. The professional haircare brand will also be calling attention to the vital role hairstylists’ play for their clients and even recognized a few of them on National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day, which falls on May 27.

As nearly half of Americans meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life, it’s important to address mental health and wellness. In an effort to increase awareness surrounding mental health, Sexy Hair will be offering many tools through their Beauty Starts Within partnership, including a mental health screening test, a guide on how to build a coping toolkit, ways to recognize warning signs, stylist-specific wellness resources, and much more. All of these educational resources will be provided from Mental Health America and will live on the SexyHair website. Additionally, SexyHair will be unveiling a social media campaign that will include wellness collaborations and creative content to make sources easily accessible and simple to digest. 

Stylists will be able to access all of these amazing resources when the partnership officially kicks off later this year with the launch of the Beauty Starts Within resource hub. As this partnership is a significant step forward in promoting mental wellness, SexyHair has plans for it to continue to grow and develop in 2024 and beyond.

In the spirit of this exciting partnership, a few of our favorite celebrity hairstylists have shared tips on how they take care of their mental health. Keep scrolling to hear what they have to say.

Graham Nation, (@grahamnation)

“For me, mental wellness can be as simple as not endlessly scrolling on TikTok, or saying ‘no’ to extra activities and spending more energy on myself. After exercising daily, I meditate for 15 minutes followed by visualization for 10 minutes then I’ll write some goals in a journal after.”

Clayton Hawkins, (@claytonhawkins)

“I’m in therapy and a huge advocate for that! Find your tribe or a professional that you can talk to. Being active and getting physical exercise every day really clears my mind and helps me with my mental health.”

Danielle Priano, (@daniellepriano)

“I do therapy and I also have a healer. I maintain a healthy lifestyle and work out nearly every day. I also laugh a lot and make sure I wake up every morning being positive and grateful.”

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