Soothe and Hydrate Hair with Biolage’s HydraSource Collection

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With spring here and summer already on the horizon, keeping your strands hydrated has now become top priority. As we all know, warm weather can take a serious toll on your hair. Too much sunshine and sweltering temperatures can dehydrate hair making it more prone to breakage.

If you’re a little lost on how to keep your hair healthy during this time of year, we’ve got two words for you: aloe vera. Contrary to what you might think, aloe vera is not just great for treating sunburns. This go-to skin savior can actually do a lot of good for your strands, too! Thanks to its moisturizing properties and high content of nutrients, aloe has the ability to lock in moisture, promote hair growth, reduce dandruff, and increase elasticity.

Hair Hydration Like No Other

For anyone looking to incorporate aloe vera into their hair routine, Biolage has totally got you covered with their HydraSource Collection. Formulated with soothing aloe, the HydraSource line can hydrate even the driest of locks thanks to its 9 conditioning formulas that range from lightweight moisture to deep nourishment. In fact, the collection promises to leave your hair feeling ultra-soft and up to 15 times more moisturized.

With an expansive range of products consisting of shampoos, conditioning balms, deep treatment masks, and leave-in tonics, it’s easy to see why the collection has become the gold standard in hair conditioning for consumers and pros alike. The HydraSource line already boasts over 10,000 five-star reviews across the likes of Amazon and Ulta.

Suitable For All Hair Types

No matter what your hair type is, there is truly something for everyone in this collection. Biolage Global Ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook (whose clients include Allison Williams, Elizabeth Moss, Chris Pine, and the Hemsworth brothers) personally swears by the HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack.

“I love that I can save time in my routine by replacing my conditioner with this highly concentrated plant emollient,” said Brook. “It leaves my hair nourished (without feeling heavy) and keeps my air-dried waves frizz free.”

Brook shared that when it comes to prepping hair for the warmer weather ahead, she turns to the HydrasSource Hair Mask and HydraSource Daily Leave-In Tonic.

“As the weather starts to warm up and we find ourselves outdoors, exposed to more sun, water and heat styling, having a haircare routine that ensures healthy hair is essential,” she said. “One of the tricks I like to use is applying the HydraSource Hair Mask once a week. It leaves your hair 15x more hydrated, ensuring you have shiny, healthy, manageable hair. If you find yourself gardening outdoors, laying at the beach, or swimming in a pool, you can apply the HydraSource Daily Leave-In Tonic to your ends, wrap hair up in a bun or braid to protect your hair from environmental aggressors.”

The Perfect Curl Cocktail

For anyone with textured hair, Brook explained that it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right HydraSource products for your hair type.

“If you have fine to medium hair, use the HydraSource line. If you have medium to coarse hair that is extremely dry, then you’ll want to reach for the Ultra HydraSource line,” she said.

As for her secrets to achieving frizz-free curls? Brook passed along her go-to curl cocktail that you’ll definitely want to try out on your strands.

“I recommend using a wide tooth comb in the shower to comb through the HydraSource Detangling Solution. Then, once you are out of the shower, towel blot to remove excess water,” she said. “After that, layer the Daily Leave-In Cream on to the areas that are dry or tend to frizz. On day two, to revive your texture, spritz the Daily Leave-In Tonic in and see your waves and curls come back to life!”

The HydraSource and Ultra HydraSource collection is available for purchase online at Ulta and Amazon.

Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung
Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor, based in Georgia, covering all things hair at The Tease. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.