The Beauty Industry Stands United Against Bullying – A Mental Health Series


Pride Month might be over, but that does not mean we stop celebrating and advocating for the salon professionals in the LGBTQ+ community. Worldwide President for US brands, Professional Products Division at  L’Oréal, Shane Wolf,  joined us this week to talk about Redken, the No.1 professional hair care brand in the US, and their new initiative “Hairdressers United: Stand Together Against Bullying”. 

 A trained hairdresser, Shane has spent over twenty-eight years in professional beauty, holding various leadership positions across the hair industry. He has worked across top professional brands such as Redken, Matrix, Biolage, Kerastase, Shu Uemura, Pureology, Pulp Riot, and Mizani. Shane currently sits on the L’Oréal Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Board and created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee across the Professional Product Division US Brands, which works to educate, inform and instill positive changes for more inclusive brands.

“Hairdressers United: Stand Together Against Bullying” is an initiative focused on amplifying hairdressing as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community: both for stylists as a workplace, and for clients in salons. Redken is leveraging the brand’s reach to collect and share stylists’ personal stories of overcoming bullying, and how it got better for them when they found a community where they felt safe, authentic, and embraced. Redken has partnered with the “It Gets Better Project,” a global leader in empowering LGBTQ+ youth, to share those stylist stories of hope with young people. The message to them is two fold: One, it gets better. Two, there is an industry that will embrace your authentic selves. 

Here at The Tease we want to help amplify “Hairdressers United: Stand Together Against Bullying” as we support feeling safe and included no matter race, gender, or sexual identity. Listen in to hear all about the initiative!

“Hairdressers United is a new initiative for us. The intention was to really amplify the hairdressing community as a whole as a safe space for persons from the LGBTQIA+ community. Both from a  professional workplace point of view and also for the guests and their salon for a safe space to come.”

“We will be creating on one side a bank of videos from hairdressers, explaining to young people that when you join us in the hairdressing industry, this is a safe space. It does get better. And on the other side, an education module for hairdressers who want to learn how to create an environment in their salon that consumers may want to come to.”

“Obviously launching in Pride month was something that made a lot of sense to us for very obvious reasons. At the same time, bullying doesn’t only happen in one month of the year.”

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