The Buzz on Beauty Fridges!

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Did your grandmother keep her “cold cream” in the refrigerator?  Keeping face and eye products refrigerated used to be a trick to calm down inflammation and puffiness in your skin.  Now we’re taking it to a whole new level with specialty small sized mini-fridges made specifically to have in your bathroom to store your face products! 

A few benefits to storing products in a beauty fridge:

It extends the product shelf life

Reduces bacteria growth. Cold products calm and de-puff skin·Cold products can also help tighten pores

It keeps your products organized


Are these new fridges a necessity?  Yes and no!  Most beauty products today are stability-tested, so they can withstand varying degrees of temperature or humidity.  But when you’re talking about all-natural skincare products, products made without preservatives and sans anything not natural, it is beneficial to store them in cooler, dark environments to keep the integrity of the product as long as possible.  When you look at the exponential growth of the natural and organic beauty industry over the last few years and knowing it will only go up from here, it has made a product like a beauty fridge a necessity!  As an added bonus, they are super cute and come in a lot of fun colors!  They are an adorable bathroom accessory!  Pro tip: keep your jade roller and sheet masks in your beauty fridge too! 

There are a few items you will want to not keep in your beauty fridge; oil-based products.  Facial oils and cleansing oils work best at room temperature.  When oils are exposed to cold temperatures it can solidify or thicken them.  So, make sure to avoid putting these products in your beauty fridge! Skin Care Products to keep in you Beauty Fridge:

Products with Antioxidants

Natural Products Lacking Preservatives

Certain Topical Medications


Nail Polish

Eye Creams

Jade Rollers

Sheet Masks

Face Mists