The Secret Ingredient to Beautiful Hair: Panthenol

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This feature is in conjunction with paid inclusion in the Hello Salon Pro by The Tease June Box.

Knowing which ingredients we can trust leads to a whole new level of hair confidence. We mean better color, more reliable styles and healthier strands. At The Tease, one ingredient we’re especially into –– and one you’ve been using but may not know well enough –– is panthenol, AKA vitamin B5. 

This holy grail ingredient is a must in hair masks. It has countless perks, including shinier, stronger and healthier hair. Which is exactly why the Revlon Professional Magnet Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask is featured in this month’s Hello Salon Pro “Beautiful Rebel” box. Rich in panthenol and other high-quality ingredients, this product is an all-star at protecting and priming hair for you or your clients.

Get to know the science behind this ingredient with four of our fave features:

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First, consider what it is about our hair that tells us it’s time for a mask. Often, it’s because our mid-lengths and ends feel dry and brittle. As a humectant, panthenol pulls in water and binds it to the hair molecule for some serious moisture. And it doesn’t stop at the strands! This ingredient is also one of the very few that penetrates deep into the scalp. Once it transforms into pantothenic acid, it can stimulate double-strength hydration at the very core of our hair.

Smooths & Shines

Next, consider the benefit of panthenol’s deep moisture plus light-reflecting properties. These features show outward as they create beautiful shine on strands. Plus, the ingredient’s binding ability spread it evenly across the cuticle, nourishing tresses for a super silky finish.


Beyond its nourishing quality, panthenol’s bonding abilities also go above and beyond to repair and strengthen hair. It begins by enriching strands at their core while also fusing with mid-lengths and ends. This ingredient reconstructs damaged fibers and primes new strands for better growth. 


Finally, stop worrying about the buildup that comes with other deep-conditioning masks. Despite its richness, products with panthenol are anything but heavy. Instead, the ingredient’s lightweight texture increases body, while a quick rinse eliminates any risk of buildup. Never choose between weighing down hair and relaxing again!

With all these benefits, who else ready to try a pantenol mask for themselves? To test this miracle ingredient, grab your Hello Salon Pro “Beauty Rebel” box with a full-sized sample of the Revlon Professional Magnet Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask. This new favorite combines panthenol with moringa seed extract and keratin to repair damaged hair fibers and shield all hair types from environmental dangers.