This Barbie Wants to Go Blonde — Hairstylist Christine Symonds Shares How to Get and Maintain the Color of the Summer 


It’s a Barbiecore world and these days we’re all just living in it. Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated live-action movie starring Margot Robbie as everyone’s favorite doll (and Ryan Gosling as Ken) may not be out until next month, but Barbie fever has already taken over — especially in the hair world. 

Forever a trendsetter, the doll’s influence truly knows no bounds as Barbie blonde is set to be the hottest hair color for the months ahead. At the moment, just about everywhere we look there seems to be yet another celebrity jumping on the platinum blonde bandwagon, from Dixie D’Amelio and Kourtney Kardashian to even Zoey Deschanel. And considering that Google searches for “blonde hair dye” have skyrocketed (by 157%, to be exact) since the release of the Barbie trailer back in April, this is definitely one trend we predict will have some serious staying power.

For any stylists ready to help their clients step into their very own Barbie era, we checked in with celebrity hairstylist and Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Ambassador Christine Symonds on how to get and maintain the iconic blonde hair color. Keep reading for all her must-know tips and tricks!

So, What Exactly is Barbie Blonde?

While Barbie’s exact shade of blonde can be hard to nail down, Symonds says, “Barbie blonde is so iconic because of its shiny platinum shade.” A far cry from the icy blonde hues that may have trended in the past, Barbie blonde tends to be a brighter hue and one with a lot of warmth. “However, I have definitely seen Barbie’s color range from platinum blonde to a bright, beautiful golden blonde,” she says. “One thing’s for sure, she is never brassy or orange.”

How to Achieve a Barbie Blonde in This Barbiecore World

Any stylist can help their clients live out their Barbie dreams as a blonde with the right set of products. For Symonds, Clairol Professional is a go-to brand for achieving any blonde look. “I love Clairol Professional’s BW2 Powder Lightener ($21.99). It gives the most beautiful lift to the hair and gets you consistent results. I would recommend using 20 or 30 volume with a full head of foils to get a healthy lift—anything higher than 30 volume starts to compromise the hair,” she explains. “Once you get the lift to a pale yellow, I love to tone with Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Permanent Cream Toners ($10.39). All three in the collection are incredible but to get that Barbie blonde I would recommend Platinum Ice or Cool Beige. The toners create such a beautiful uniform color. She adds, “Finally, I always finish with the Shimmer Lights Plex Treatment ($3.59) as it strengthens the hair after lightening/coloring and leaves the hair healthy, soft, and shiny.”

And if you’re working with a client who isn’t quite ready to undergo a full Barbie blonde hair transformation, Symonds recommend dipping their toes into the hair color with the help of some highlights. “I would suggest a half head of highlights or even just some face framing highlights to add dimension and get that sun-kissed Barbie blonde!” she says. “I recommend doing highlights all the way from root to tip to create a uniform blond look, not just on the ends like you would with balayage.”

Come on, Barbie, Let’s Go Maintain That Blonde!

Barbie blondes may have more fun, but only if they maintain their color. To ensure that your clients’ new color lasts all summer long, you’ll want to make sure that they add some purple product to their current hair routine. “A purple shampoo and conditioner are your new best friends when going blonde, they will keep your blonde fresh and bright when you need an instant refresh,” Symonds says. “ My absolute favorites are Shimmer Lights Shampoo ($12.59) and their Violet Toning Mask ($12.59), which deep conditions and tones to get rid of brassiness.”  For any hairstyling, she recommends using Shimmer Light Leave-In Styling Treatment ($14.29) as “it gives your hair manageability and shine while enhancing your blonde shade.”

For more blonding tips from Symonds, be sure to follow @christinesymondshair on Instagram.

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