Tips for Staying Busy During the Pandemic


During the lockdown, so many hairstylists couldn’t wait to get back to work, back to normal. But, what followed was anything but. At first, we had the juggling act of fitting everyone in. However, what followed for many was a big drop off of clientele. Hairstylists needed to find more clients to ensure they could stay busy and earn a living!

You see, my story starts with me going to Beauty School in Houston, TX.  I took my State Board exam one day and then moved to the Washington, DC area the very next day! So, if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to build a clientele –– whether you’re starting from scratch, have relocated and need to rebuild or are coming back from the pandemic needing to fill your book. Of course, I had no friends or family there to help me start building a clientele.  And, amazingly enough, there weren’t any clients lined up waiting for me to do their hair! 

After a series of trials and errors and sitting around, I soon realized that no one even knew I was waiting! I had to figure out how in the world to let people know I was a good hairstylist and that I wanted to do their hair.  On the way, I discovered a few things that really worked!

Start With The Clients You Have

Step 1 is to go back to your appointment book in November and December of last year (yep, the busy season) and identify anyone you haven’t seen since. Give them a quick call, just to see how they are making out! This has been an incredibly interesting year to say the least. Your text or call may be the bright spot that someone needed that day.  Often when I reach out to people, they say, “I was just thinking about calling you! I really need my hair done. I’m so glad you called.”  Of course, then you can go ahead and set up their appointment.  

Create a Great “Welcome Back” Special

Whether they’re coming in for the first time or a return appointment, most people need multiple services: a haircut, a color touch up, maybe some highlights and a deep conditioner. Create a package that includes some of your most popular services (at full price) and maybe add in the deep conditioning treatment for free or a discount.  That way, clients are getting a deal and are still spending a significant amount (at least $100) with you. It’s a win-win.

Get Social

Finally, promote your offer on your social media pages (in addition to offering hair care tips)! Also, instead of waiting for people to reach out to you, reach out to them! For example, make it a habit to DM anyone who likes your post and say thank you. Take time to ask how the pandemic has affected their hair. Do they have any questions about their hair? Or maybe, offer them a short PDF or video of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs).  And of course, invite them to take advantage of your special offer! Social media is about building relationships, and when you do, you’ll attract more interested clients!

Try those suggestions, and keep delivering great service and hairstyling. Soon, you’ll find yourself with all of your appointment slots filled, potentially earning more than you were before the pandemic! Be encouraged; there are a lot of people who want your services, but they just haven’t found you yet! Get excited and get into action.

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Miki Wright

Miki Wright is a hairstylist, salon owner, business coach and founder of


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