Treat Mask-Stache With These 5 Products


The internet’s been buzzing (The Tease included) about the struggles of soothing and preventing maskne. But, what about those folks who are in a slightly … hairier situation? Today, we’re talking mask-stache; the dry, confined and straight-up irritating state of facial hair that comes with wearing it under a constricting mask.

Facial hair introduces a whole new world of problems and concerns for folks as they safely venture out into the world while masked. From texture, to styling and the skin underneath, here are our recommendations for keeping facial hair as comfortable –– and as stylish –– as possible:

Tangled & Matted Beard

What else would you expect when you’re stuffing coarse, textured strands into such a small surface? It’s the equivalent of hat hair … except you also can’t breathe. To untangle a snagged beard, always have a beard soap on-hand. The Seven Potions Beard Shampoo in Citrus Tonic deep cleans facial hair and moisturizes the skin underneath. Follow up by brushing through with the Seven Potions Oval Shaped Pear Wood With Natural Boar Bristles to smooth your mask-stache and prep for other products.

Rampant Ingrown Hairs

Like with maskne, ingrown hairs are a mask-stache hallmark. To treat existing spots and prevent new ingrown hairs from forming, add a chemical exfoliator into your regular grooming rooting. The fur Ingrown Concentrate is an all-over body hair solution for men and women. It uses antimicrobial tea tree and tamanu oils to promote healthy skin generation.

Itchy Skin

Dry skin can be a common concern for facial hair wearers, but heading into this fall and winter will make the issue even more pressing. Keep facial hair and skin moisturized with a hydrating formula like Beardbrand’s Beard Oil. With a nearly 5-star review from beard enthusiasts, this product nourishes skin and hair with a blend of Abyssinian, Babassu, Jojoba, and Castor oils. Distribute in your palms and run through your beard to relieve any itchiness your mask-stache is causing at the skin’s surface.

Stray Mustache Hairs

Nothing is worse than clawing at your covered mask-stache to keep stubborn hairs in their place (and out of your mouth). Whether you’re a fan of a dramatic handlebar on the daily or just want to contain your shape during the grocery store, coat your fingers in a strong-hold mustache wax –– like this cult favorite from Death Grip –– and run them from center to tip. This formula is known for keeping hairs in place for up to eight hours, even in hot weather!

Misfit Shape

Finally, if you’re finding that your beard just doesn’t fit in the mask, you may want to consider a new, tailored shape (a huge ask, I know). However, while we’re spending more time at home and commonly prioritizing health and comfort over fashion, a shorter beard style may be worth the temporary investment. For at-home trimmer, the Andis Versatrim is a great option. It features six attachments and a cordless design to customize your quarantine look for maximum comfort.

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