Turning A Three Hour Service Into An Hour And A Half


It seems that every product in the beauty industry has been innovated over and over again. There are a million and one different shampoos, each new one doing something the other’s can not. It can be hard to keep up. Yet, there is one part of the industry that has very little innovation. Foils. So much so that some stylists find it most efficient to buy from  Costco in bulk. 

The newest innovation in foils up until recently was pop-up, pre-cut foils, which seems to be forever ago. That is until FASTFOILSTM entered the chat. FASTFOILSTM are black-coated hair foils to transfer and hold heat more effectively than regular foils, delivering up to 25% faster processing time and eliminating the need to use damaging, higher levels of developers.

With FASTFOILSTM, stylists are able to quicken their services while maintaining the health of their client’s hair. Faster services can mean more clients and therefore more revenue or it can mean extra time for other ventures. 

Founder of FASTFOILSTM and owner and creative director for JUSTB Salon, Ben Barkworth joined Volume Up to talk about his groundbreaking innovation. We learned all about Ben’s journey all the way up until his revelation at London Fashion Week which resulted in the founding of the idea. 

Along with the founding journey, we also learn about Ben’s salon, his retail philosophy, education and what is next for FASTFOILSTM. This episode is filled with interest-grabbing tidbits and excitement for the future. Head to wherever you stream your podcast to listen to this episode.

“I wanted a place where people could be bold, be brave, be beautiful, just be. Which is where the name came from.”

“FASTFOILS, for those that don’t know, it is a high-performance hair foil that has endothermic technology and what that means is it will absorb warmth from the environment around the foil. It is an ultra black coated foil that will help speed up your processing time by a minimum of 25% when living in a warm environment.”

“We have different color lines all working together at the exact same time because it doesn’t matter what you’re using, FASTFOILS will help you get there.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease.

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Madeline Hickey

Madeline Hickey is the Digital Media Producer for The Tease and Volume Up podcast. Beauty is the name of her game. Think you have the perfect guest for the podcast? Let her know: madeline@thetease.com

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