Two Of Our Editors Tried VERSED’s Moisture Maker — Here Are Their Thoughts


VERSED is a cult-favorite clean skincare brand that’s always at the top of influencers’ must-haves list. (We’re partial, too.) Their mission is “make products that perform for your skin, body, and planet.” 

With a range of fantastic products, our editors were ecstatic to try out their newest serum, Moisture Maker Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum. Their website boasts that this dermatologist-tested product is “lightweight, non-sticky serum that immediately quenches skin above and below the surface” for smooth and supple skin. 

Interested? Who wouldn’t be. Before you head to their website and grab one for yourself, hear what two of our editors thought when they tried it out for themselves.


I have been using the VERSED serum for a little over a month. There are a few things I love about it. The product seems to do exactly what it is supposed to, moisturize. Now that I live in a very dry environment, this product has been great for helping my skin feel like it is still in the Midwest humidity. Another huge positive is that while the product is small in size, a little goes a long way.

The drawbacks for me is that the product goes on very sticky. Unlike what their website says, the feeling did not go away until I put my moisturizer on over the top. I use the serum nightly because it would be too much for my skin if I wore it during the day. While I did not hate the overall feeling, it felt more like a sleeping mask than a serum. 

Overall, I love the concept of this product and I will definitely keep using it till the bottle runs out. However, I do not know if I will be running back to get more. I have heard so much about VERSED and this was my first time using any of their products. While I was a bit disappointed, I still would love to try some of their other products in the future. 


I was excited to try my first VERSED product. The VERSED Moisture Maker Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum’s texture was a lot to get used to (a thick liquid texture), especially before it dries on the skin. Sadly, the serum and my skin were not a perfect match because of my oily skin, and the serum caused a breakout. However, now that we are transitioning to colder weather and my skin tends to become less oily, I would consider trying the serum again. 

To try the VERSED Moisture Maker Hydrating and Hyaluronic Serum for yourself, it retails for $19.99 and is available for purchase online as well as in Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. For news about the brand’s upcoming product launches, be sure to follow @versed on Instagram. 

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