It’s a Pandemic – Let’s Launch A Business


Kelly Ehlers and Jeffrey Lunnen interview Ray Civello former Global & Creative Director and V.P. of Education for Aveda, Owner of Civello salons on launching his new brand in the pandemic.

Jeffrey Lunnen and Kelly Ehlers interview each other uncovering Ehlers’ favorite childhood memory as the daughter of a salon owner, the history of her career in the beauty industry and why came to be. is an extension of The Evoke Agency, a PR and digital agency with clients primarily in the beauty space. Ehlers started the agency at the heart of the recession, 8 months pregnant with her first child.

Media models that include pay-to-play create a huge barrier in coverage for new and upstart brands. As a result, independent, Black- and women-owned brands, as well as brands that cater to queer folx are sometimes overlooked. There are so many stories that have not been told because of the lack of advertising dollars. Kelly identified a need in the marketplace for media outlets to innovate.

With we can tell those stories, amplify new voices and serve our audience with content we know they are looking for.

Ray Civello Launches new color brand, Color Space, with Lupe Voss

Color Space came out of a convergence of events as Civello tried to determine his next chapter. He identified that as the industry began to change very rapidly it could be in a lot more trouble. This presented an opportunity to support salons in a different way.

Color Space is a new, scientifically driven hair color line founded on industry-leading research into the science of color. Cutting-edge scientific developments, an immersive education program and products specifically designed to generate better value for salon owners and professionals are what makeup Color SpaceTM: a brand that will fundamentally alter the way salons and their clients experience color.

Civello partnered with Lupe Voss to develop a brand that solves the challenges salons face from lighting to sustainability and even more scientific ways to measure the delta between levels (Did you know there is no scientific or globally standard way to look at this previously? It was all left up to the marketing teams!). In the thick of a pandemic no less.

Listen to learn more about his endeavors and where the industry has to evolve.

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