Wella’s Beauty Envision Awards Returns With an Exciting New Twist


If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, you won’t find a better one than Wella Company’s Beauty Envision Awards. The premiere beauty competition offers beauty and hair pros the unique opportunity to express their vision through their talents and creativity.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, even more amazing is the fact that the competition is returning this year with an all-new twist. To shake things up in the best possible way, the 2023 Beauty Envision Awards will be offering 15 exciting and new sub-categories within 4 main categories (Color, Cut, Style, and Nails). By doing so, salon pros will have the opportunity to enter into the speciality that best suits their talents and skills. And, here’s some good news: applicants don’t have to choose just one category to enter. In fact, you can enter into as many categories as you want.

But, that’s not the only thing different this year. Now, all applicants can showcase their work to the fullest extent thanks to the addition of video entries to the competition. That’s right, no more photo-only submissions! 

All of this newness BEA 2023 is bringing couldn’t be more supportive of this year’s theme: neo-flux. For those who don’t know, “neo” means a new or revived form, while “flux” means the action or process of flowing or flowing out. Elaborating on the theme, the BEA website shared, “We have entered into a new world of stimulating regeneration. With many reassessing their life goals, meaning and intention, this has reverberated into the chairs of salon professionals. For the pro, this means finding inspiration in flexibility and strength in softness. Whether creating a color palette comprised of neutral hues paired with unexpected pops of color, or shapes that are both fluid yet strong in technique.”

Keep scrolling for more details about the 2023 Beauty Envision Awards—including information about how to enter.

The Competition Categories


  • Student Color Artist
  • Creative Color Artist
  • Ready to Wear Color Artist
  • Transformation Color Artist
  • Curls & Coils Color Artists


  • Student Cut Artist
  • Creative Cut Artist
  • Ready to Wear Cut Artist


  • Student Style Artist
  • Editorial Style Artist
  • Bridal Style Artist
  • Curls & Coils Style Artist


  • Student Nail Artist
  • Hand-Painted Gel Artist
  • Creative Nail Artist

How to Enter

If you’re interested in entering the competition, simply post a video (reel) to your Instagram account with the applicable category hashtag and mention @WellaEducation

There are a few video requirements that you’ll want to keep in mind with your entry: 1) all video entries must be 60 – 90 seconds long 2) all video entries must be filmed vertically with a 9 x16 aspect ratio 3) no use of filters 

All entrants must showcase the following in their entries:

  • Intro: video or voiceover answering the following questions:
    • Why are you entering #BEA2023?
    • What does “neo-flux” mean to you?
  • Before: 360° video of model before
  • Process: Up-close video of technique, or product and/or color application
  • After: 360° video of model after
  • Final look: still image of model from any angle that best showcases your work

All entrants must answer the following questions in the caption of their entry:

  • How did you incorporate the theme into your entry look?
  • What #PROtechniques did you use to create your entry look?
  • What #PROformula did you use to create your entry look?

Entries are open from March 1, 2023 to August 1, 2023. Finalists will be named on September 1, 2023. This year, the finalists of each category will be invited to an exclusive live event in Las Vegas on October 30, 2023 where the winners of the 2023 Beauty Envision Awards will be revealed. 


For each of the 15 subcategories, one winner will win:

  • $1,000 cash prize
  • An entire Wella Education Certificate (up to 2 years worth of education and valued up to $6,500+)
  • Valuable connections
  • Industry recognition
  • An invite to an exclusive Wella event at the Aria in Las Vegas

For more information on how to enter as well as rules and regulations, be sure to visit beautyenvisionawards.com.

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