What Do You Meme? TikTok’s #Purple Shampoo Challenge

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In a world gone meme, platforms like TikTok are experiencing explosive growth. Bored by other ad-heavy, highlight-reel feeling social media, younger Millennials and Gen Z are finding TikTok is all fun and no FOMO.

Recently, TikTokers have been posting about the #PurpleShampooChallenge, which has 6.5 million views. #PurpleShampoo has 86.7 million! The gist is someone records themselves applying purple shampoo expecting a beautiful transformation.

Purple Shampoo is supposed to brighten blonde hair… But that hasn’t stopped brunettes from joining in. In reality, the most popular #PurpleShampooChallenge videos show brunettes drenching their heads and staining their hands with product only to show no difference in the end.  

Bring on the memes

One dark-haired user posted a video poking fun at her participation in the challenge, essentially meme-ing herself.

Another left the shampoo in her hair to take pictures with a purple messy bun, meme-ing Buzz Lightyear in the process:

And then there was Shimmer Lights

One product popping up in most #PurpleShampooChallenge videos is Clairol Professional’s Shimmer Lights. Laura Shaham, Clairol Pro Senior Brand Manager, says she is “thrilled to see participants using Shimmer Lights.” Its formula “renews, and refreshes faded highlights and ash-tones and leaves hair shiny without residue.”

According to Shaham, for best results, “it should be used twice a week and applied to wet hair.”

Brunettes should go for blue

No surprise, Shaham says, “the purple hue in Shimmer Lights counters unwanted yellow/brassy tones on blonde or gray hair to brighten and enhance color. Purple does not have the same effect on brunette hair.” She only recommends using “if you’re a brunette with blonde highlights.”

So, if you’re a brunette looking for a little shimmer of your own, Shaham recommends using KALEIDOCOLORS Blue instead. “It’s a great lightener. It lifts while it helps counteract unwanted brassy tones.”

Would you take the #PurpleShampooChallenge? Know someone who already has? Let us know in the comments!