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If you haven’t heard of Olivia Garden, you are missing out on some of the best hair tools in the industry. Olivia Garden has been around and at the forefront of industry innovation for 56 years. This is largely due to Anne Maza, co-owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and her family. 

Olivia Garden was originally founded in 1967 by Maza’s parents, Jean & Micheline Rennette in Liège, Belgium and has remained family-owned and operated. 

Over the years, Olivia Garden has floated in and out of different categories, designing and producing professional quality hair brushes, shears, appliances, apparel and accessories for salon professionals and consumers alike.

Anne joined Volume Up to talk about her story from starting as her father’s secretary to co-owner of the business, as well as the business’s purpose of making stylist and consumer’s lives better. Anne also leaned in to talk about innovation, sustainability and Olivia Garden’s new Super HP hairdryer.

Tune in to hear how Olivia Garden works to produce their products with help from their entire team , hairstylists on the ground and years of working on the small details. With an inside look behind one of the biggest industry leaders, it’s an episode you won’t want to miss. 

“And that’s how Olivia Garden was born, was from the idea of making products for the stylist that are higher quality, higher performing, bring some sort of innovation compared to what is available at the moment on the marketplace. And that’s what really drives Olivia Garden still to this day.”

“We don’t want to just sell anything. We want to sell something that’s going to make somebody’s life better. And we’re happy to see that we’ve been able to make a difference throughout the years.”

“Working with the hairdresser and giving us their feedback is just so…on every single product, I have to say, a hairdresser in our test pool has made a contribution that has shaped the product.”

“All right well, of course our new dryer that we just launched, the SuperHP, is a huge, huge endeavor. That one holds a special place in my heart because it’s in the appliance category, which is an even more challenging category.”

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