What They Don’t Tell You About Postpartum Hair Loss with Diane Cole Stevens

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Having a child changes so many aspects of your life, including your hair. Diane Cole Stevens, internationally recognized hairstylist, salon owner, entrepreneur, life coach, mentor, educator and philanthropist, joins Volume Up this week to give us some extended knowledge on Postpartum hair loss. 

Diane talks to Kelly Ehlers about how she became a hairstylist and a bit about her story. Diane discusses her long-standing partnership with Nioxin and its help with different aspects of postpartum hair loss including scalp health. 

Tune in and turn your volume up to discover some things you didn’t know about postpartum hair loss, whether that be as a mother, soon-to-be mother, or hairstylist.

“Nioxin is my heartbeat.”

“It’s when the new hairs are growing back is usually when the mom sees it. The mom doesn’t see it, they don’t see. They see some of it in the shower and see some of it in the brush. But they’re so busy.”

“Scalp health is the mother of great hair. If you want wonderful hair, it’s all about how healthy your scalp is.”
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Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey