Winterize Your Blonde with Wella Professionals’ New Illumina Color Shades


If the cold weather has your clients itching for a major hair change, a color switch-up may be just what the doctor ordered. Experimenting with new hues is an easy way to freshen up anyone’s look. And there’s no shortage of fabulous hair colors to try right now thanks to Wella Professionals.

The beloved hair color brand recently introduced some new cool blonde shades (10/81, 9/59, 9/19, 8/93) to their permanent color line, Illumina Color, that are perfect for adding dimension to blonde or brunette locks.

According to Wella Professionals North America Ambassador Briana Cisneros, these hues not only give hair a glossy glow, but they are also super convenient for colorists to use.

“I personally don’t know how I’ve lived without the new Illumina Color cool shades. I have been a massive fan of the Illumina Color line because of the way that it literally illuminates the hair from inside out,” she explained. “It has this beautiful sheer glow and before I had to mix a few different colors to achieve what is now represented in one tube.”

Below, see how to incorporate these new Illumina Color shades during your next color appointments.

10/81: Lightest Blonde/ Pearl Ash

Use this pretty hue to offer neutralization on warm yellow and orange undertones to achieve clean, sophisticated blondes or to tone over pre-lightened hair to achieve a cool, icy blonde. It’s also great for lightening natural hair up to 3 levels.

9/59: Very Light Blonde/ Mahogany Cendre

This color is great for toning natural hair levels 7 and above to achieve a warmer raspberry hue. You can also try it over previously pre-lightened hair for a delicate blonde color with a slightly blush ash hue.

9/19: Very Light Blonde / Ash Cendre

Use this shade on natural hair to achieve beige blonde hair or to create a soft icy beige when toning pre-lightened hair.

8/93: Light Blonde / Cendre Gold

This shade works beautifully for toning highlights on brunette hair to maintain soft and natural highs in the hair. It’s also great for lightening natural hair on levels 5 and above.

Colorists can grab these four new shades and the rest of the Illumina Color range on Wella’s Professional website.

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Camille Nzengung

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