Womaness Provides Innovative Skincare & Wellness Products for Menopausal Women


Women going through menopause often experience a lack of support and information surrounding their changing bodies. One brand assisting women through this phase of life is Womaness. Offering everything from skincare like serums and moisturizers to supplements, feminine care and sexual wellness products, the solution-based brand helps women celebrate and care for their bodies.

Founders Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs saw an untapped market for effective products to help the underserved community that is aging women. So, they set out to make a difference. Launched in March of this year, Womaness was made to provide a place for women to take charge of their changing bodies. Now available at Target, Womaness has all your needs for menopausal health. The feminine brand offers products to manage menopause symptoms like hot flashes, dry skin and sleepless nights.

Supportive Solutions

With a mission to help women celebrate and embrace menopause, Womaness inspires users to have a more positive outlook on their changing bodies in what they call “menopositivity.” Not only do they support women through the stages of menopause, but Womaness helps normalize aging and encourages women to celebrate themselves as well. Their site even features a quiz to help women pinpoint what products they need based on their current concerns.

Innovative Products

While the brand prides themselves on providing “modern, innovative menopause solutions,” Womaness can be enjoyed by women of all ages. Offering everything from body cream and neck serum to supplements and body wipes, the feminine health brand is an one-stop shop for all women.

The Eye Opener Smoothing and Brightening Cream targets fine lines, puffiness and dark spots to revitalize and refresh eyes. The Let’s Neck Neck and Décolleté Serum is a lifting and smoothing cream accompanied with a roller ball to keep your neck and décolleté on point. And the Out D@mn Spot Dark Spot Treatment Patches will even out and fade dark spots caused by changing hormones.

In addition to single products, Womaness also offers several different kits to provide customers with everything they need! Not to mention, everything is vegan with no added hormones or estrogen.

So, whether you’re a woman approaching menopause, in the thick of it or you’re just looking for great feminine products, Womaness is for you!

Click here to browse the game-changing brand. And be sure to follow Womaness on Instagram for more.

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