WTF Are Free Radicals?


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Raise your hand if you’re honestly exhausted with the changing “dos” and “don’ts” of beauty. Although getting the best results and keeping ourselves healthy relies on knowing your ingredients, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, brands like Revlon Professional are creating collections fully dedicated to protecting hair from danger. The Magnet™ Line takes on environmental aggressors, including one of the most heard-about (and least understood) of the beauty taboos: free radicals.–/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Why Do We Hate Them Again?

Free radicals are rogue atoms that latch onto (and leach off of) our body’s cells. Think of an ex that hops a free ride on your good vibes. Now, do you get why we’re saying “Boy, BYE?” Free radicals drains proteins, collagen and other nutrients from our skin and hair. The result is fine lines, sagging and dullness. In other words, picking up these free riders is a sure way to jeopardize all that hard work for you or your clients.

Who Invited You?

Our environment is the main culprit, with sun-, air- and water-borne free radicals being amped up by pollution. Protecting ourselves from UV rays has been a standard in our routines. Still, as the Ozone dwindles, it’s easier for the sun to burn our skin and dull our color. At the same time, smog, minerals and metals fill our air and water and sneak into skin and keratin cells.

And What Are You Supposed To Do About It?

When we put so much time, money and effort into our skincare and color work, it’s worth the investment to protect them both. The solution is antioxidants, another beauty buzz word. Vitamin C is a biggie, protecting skin while bumping up collagen and elastin production. If you really want to take the plunge, consider developing a full anti-pollution skincare routine that fights existing damage and prevents new attacks.

But Our Hair!

When it comes to hair, water-borne free radicals are our worst enemy. Free radicals and heavy metals can hide in our faucets and prevent effective color deposit, forcing hair artists to be especially diligent as they wash clients’ hair. Consider adding Revlon Professional Magnet Pollution Neutraliser to eliminate damage as you color or highlight. This formula removes 90% of harsh metals and replaces them with Keratin Reinforcer, Arginine and Chelating Agents. The mix insures your color, enhances vibrancy and preserves hair health.

Let’s Review

Like it or not, free radicals are everywhere and on a literal mission to screw our cells. As environmental pollution remains our unfortunate reality, it’s important for beauty enthusiasts to take action. Want to get started? Check out the Hello Salon Pro “Beautiful Rebel” box for five full-sized samples of products including the Revlon Professional Magnet™ Line. Equipped with this knowledge and antioxidant haircare, you can feel confident in protecting that complexion and color you love.

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