You’re Much More Than a Hairdresser

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Being a hairdresser is such a dynamic job. You are a stylist, a friend, a holder of secrets and a giver of advice. Our industry gives us the chance to flaunt our crazy styles and journey with our clients through this crazy life. Breakups and makeups, victories and setbacks—we are there for all of it. And we are cheering for them every time.

We all have different milestones in our careers. This is not a job for the faint of heart! The beauty industry can take us down so many different avenues, and mine had brought me to the doorstep of opening my own salon. When suddenly, the whole world started to shut down! 

Just two days prior to my home state of California going into “lockdown,” I had given my final deposit on my new adventure. But I guess I underestimated what an adventure this would become. When I imagined opening my own salon, I never imagined having to pull it together in the midst of a global pandemic.

Although at times I have wondered if I chose the right career, I am reminded that every sacrifice was worth having a job I was excited to show up to. If you are struggling with the uncertainty of an ever-changing world, I just want to remind you that you are not alone. I know that hearing those words can get a little cheesy and redundant, but I mean it. You are totally, 100% living through a period of history that none of us anticipated.

There is no perfect way to handle this less-than-perfect situation. Whether you are slowly easing your way back into the salon or you are still waiting to get clearance to open, just remember that you do more than cut hair. You are a creative force in an industry obsessed with freedom. Freedom to be you, do you and inspire others to do the same!

Quothia Wolf
Quothia Wolf
Quothia Wolf is a hairstylist, makeup artist and educator. She specializes in balayage, foiling, color corrections and gray reduction.