10 Pride Inspired Makeup Looks Serving Rainbow Realness

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The end of Pride Month may be right around the corner, but we’re still drooling over Pride-inspired glam. From eyebrows to lips, here are ten Pride makeup looks to inspire your next glam session.

Not-So-Subtle Celebration

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Hey guys, so while I figure out what to do with my face today, I’m currently watching the ‘Where are U Now’ video from @diplo x @skrillex ft. @justinbieber a very catchy fucking song I know! A song seemingly about someone who’s always there for others, but when they need someone, there’s no one there for them…yeah okay. Let’s talk about the music video though. How it has nothing to do with the song itself. Have you really watched it? Go onto YouTube right now, and slow it down to the slowest setting. Record it, then go into your phone and go through the footage frame by frame. You’d be disgusted at what you found. #pedowood They really don’t give af anymore, all the symbolism is blatantly in our faces. It’s just a question on wether or not you choose to see it or remain ignorant to it. Look up FBI pedophile symbols while you’re at it and connect the dots. Oh also, all these celebrities at home with ‘Coro*a’ are actually on house arrest for being ped*s. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk! Happy Pride! 🌈🏳️‍🌈✨ . . Hair: @sheasbraidsss . #undiscoveredmuas #makeupartistsworldwide #benefitcosmetics #benefitclubpink #benefitbrows #makeupartistsworldwide #colorfulmakeup #rainbowhair #lgbtpride #lesbianpride #gaypride #hudabeauty #hudabeautyshop #rainbowmakeup #pridemakeup #neonmakeup #patmcgrath #patmcgrathlabs #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #flawlessdolls #pizzagate #shadowgovernment #deepstate #bperfectpride

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This look is perfect for those wanting to go all out with hair and makeup. @ohh_maly’s vibrant rainbow glam is everything, and her rainbow braids are on point.

Rhinestone Galore

Using ColourPop’s She’s a Rainbow palette along with various rhinestone colors, Instagram user @char_barker took her rainbow glam to a different, sparkling level.

Follow the Rainbow Road

For those wanting a more literal take on Pride makeup, channel this rainbow flag look from @crisxtina_mua. The makeup artist used Makeup Forever’s Flash Palette to craft this incredible glam.

Make it Match

Instagram user @drewelegance knows how to serve lewks. This shadow and lip combo is the rainbow glam that dreams are made of.

Supreme Shadow

Beauty blogger @lesleymarie1213 used the To The Rescue palette from Elf Cosmetics to craft this bright rainbow shadow, and we are here for it.

Double Rainbow

Another classic take on Pride glam. The rainbow vibes are strong, and this under-eye shadow is everything. PS you can watch Kenny Cain’s tutorial for this look here.

Blended Brows

For a more unique Pride look, go for the brows! Claudia Gomes’ rainbow glam is on trend and makes a statement.

Big & Bold

Jamie Kimani’s colorful eyes have us swooning! Who needs eyebrows when you can have rainbows? The makeup artist used Mac Cosmetics to create this bold look.

Bi Pride

Another flag inspired makeup look, but this time the bisexual pride flag! Instagram user @bweano is constantly serving looks on her profile, but this one is especially celebratory. (It even matches her earrings!)

Clever Cut Crease

One last unique approach to Pride makeup is @brendaabooooo’s cut crease rainbows. Not only is this look full of Pride, but it’s wearable for everyday life.

Which makeup look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz is a Features Editor based in Los Angeles, CA.