11 Halloween Hairstyles to Help You Slay


Halloween is right around the corner and like so many things this year, it’s going to look pretty different. The good news is that you can still get in the spooky spirit by dressing up in costume. If you’re struggling for ideas or tend to leave the costume-planning to the very last minute, this year, let your hair do the work.

There are endless amounts of hair inspiration floating around to influence your Halloween get-up, all fairly simple to recreate at home. To help you out, we scoured Instagram for some of our favorite Halloween hairstyles. Prepare to be inspired!

Billie Eilish

Channel your inner “bad guy” with a Billie Eilish-inspired hairstyle like Nina Dobrev. To recreate the singer’s iconic look, simply part your hair down the middle and dye your roots Eilish’s signature slime-green with a temporary spray. Throw on some baggy clothes and long press-on nails and get ready to own the night!

Get the look: Beyond the Zone Zoner Green Temporary Hair Color Spray, $5.79

Harley Quinn

Over the past few years, Harley Quinn has easily become one of the most popular Halloween costumes and for good reason — she’s a total badass! Gotham’s bad girl is known for her playful pink and blue ombre-style pigtails. To copy her signature hairstyle, style your hair in pigtails, grab both a pink and blue spray can, and coat the ends of each pigtail in a different color. Oh, and don’t forget your baseball bat!

Get the look: Harley Quinn Pink and Blue Temporary Hair Color and Stencil Kit, $11.95

Cruella de Vil

When it comes to Disney villains, almost none is more notorious or frightening than the fur-loving, dog-hating Cruella de Vil. After all, as the song goes, “ If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!” To achieve her trademark two-tone mane, all you need is black and white temporary hair color spray. Just part your hair down the middle and then coat each half of your hair in a different color.

Get the look: White Hair Spray, $3.99

Princess Jasmine

Get ready for a whole new world with this flawless bubble pony worn by Princess Jasmine. To achieve this pretty decorated pony, start by securing your hair in a sleek ponytail at the nape of your neck. Next, take gold hair brands to section off portions of your ponytail and create a bubble-like effect. Finish off the look, by adding an embellished gold crown and you’ll be ready for any magic carpet ride!

Get the look: Scunci No Damage Elastic, $2.79

Joe Exotic

Let Netflix’s Tiger King inspire you to dress up like a “Tiger Queen” this Halloween with a look that pays homage to the always iconic Joe Exotic. Of course, a Joe Exotic-inspired look would not be complete without his signature haircut — a mullet. But don’t worry you can still do his look justice without having to chop off all your hair. Just purchase a good mullet wig and get ready for all the cool cats and kittens to lay on the compliments!

Get the look: Tiger King Joe Exotic Mullet Wig, $26.95


For a look that is simply magical, why not dress up as a shimmering unicorn like Jenna Dewan? To make all of your sparkly unicorn hair dreams come true, start by spray painting your head silver. Next, secure your hair into a ponytail, adding in some pastel colored extensions for an extra-long “mane”. To finish, grab some glitter to glam up your face and top off your hairdo with a rhinestone-covered horn.

Get the look: Lime Crime Unicorn Rainbow Mist in Stormy, $14

East Compton Clover Cheerleader

Don’t be surprised if people start chanting, “Brrr, it’s cold in here! There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere,” after they see you in this Bring It On-inspired look. The East Compton Clovers were known for their sass and for rocking their uniform with some fun accessories. To steal their style, you’ll want to break out the pigtails as well as green and orange hair ties to elevate your hairdo. Don’t forget to add a bandana!

Get the look: Urban Renewal Vintage Washed Bandana in Orange, $12

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo — is that you? Lean into your Latinx roots this Halloween by dressing us as the legendary Mexican painter. Capture Frida’s vibe, by styling your hair into a bun and adding a bright floral headpiece on top. To complete the look, pair your bold hairstyle with floral patterned dress, some statement jewelry, and her iconic unibrow.

Get the look: Frida Kahlo Flower Headband, $11.98

Ariana Grande

Kourtney Kardashian had the right idea when she dressed up as Ariana Grande for Halloween because the superstar’s look is super easy to DIY. All you need is a sky-high ponytail ( or some crazy-long hair extensions), thigh-high boots, and a poofy mini dress.

Get the look: Insert Name Here Miya Ponytail, $39

Snow Queen Elsa

You’ve seen Frozen (and its sequel!) about a hundred times and know all the words to “Let It Go”, so why not let the popular Disney franchise inspire this year’s costume? Elsa’s braided ponytail is super easy to recreate and totally worth melting for. To get the ice queen’s look, you’ll want to braid your hair into a loose side-swept ponytail, adding in little sparkly snowflake clips to adorn the hairdo. There’s also the option of purchasing a wig, if braiding isn’t your thing.

Get the look: Elsa/Frozen Inspired Snowflake Hair Clips, $3.49


Since Euphoria first premiered last year, we’ve been crushing hard on all their dazzling hair looks. Since we’re all going through Euphoria withdrawals right now, while we patiently wait for Season 2, Halloween’s the perfect time to try out some of these daring hairstyles, like this blinged-out look worn by Maddy Perez. To create this fun style, you’ll want to start by creating clean 1-inch rows at the front of your head. Next, create small flat twists to the crown of your head, repeating until the front is complete. Finally, apply rhinestone hair gems to the front partings. 

Get the look: Stick On Clear Crystal Hair Gems, $3.99

Will you be trying out any of these hairstyles for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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