3 Hair Trends That Will Rule Festival Season, According to Celebrity Colorist Brian ‘O Connor


It’s officially every music lover’s favorite time of year again: festival season. With the return of Coachella just around the corner, it’s time to get your hair ~festival-ready.~ While space buns are always an option for a big music festival, this year consider stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with a vibrant hair color or a fun hairstyle.

To help make your festival hair planning an absolute breeze, The Tease reached out to Good Dye Young co-founder and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams’ go-to colorist Brian O’ Connor for some insight on the uber-cool hair looks that you can expect to see everywhere this festival season. 

Keep scrolling for the festival hair trends that O’ Connor is most excited about.

Think Punk

Last year we saw pop-punk come back in a major way and according to O’Connor, it’s going to continue to have a major influence on hair for festival season. Color blocking as well as colorful streaks and stripes will take center stage as everyone seeks to add a little edge to their hair looks. If you’re hoping to live out your punk fantasy at your next festival, you’re going to need a really good hair dye. “Good Dye Young has a number of AMAZING semi-permanent hair dyes as well as, I’m Bored, a semi-temporary color serum (2-6 washes), and finally Poser Paste, a temporary wear and wash hair makeup,” O’ Connor says. “We are also launching platinum blonde clip-in extensions if you want the look of semi-permanent color without committing to dye your actual tresses.”


O’ Connor is a big fan of over-accessorizing and mentioned that embellished hair is perfect for festival season. By piling on your favorite hair accessories to adorn your hair, you can totally create a high-impact look. While butterfly clips will no doubt be huge this season thanks to everyone’s on-going obsession with Y2K hair, don’t limit yourself to just conventional hair accessories. “It doesn’t just have to be hair clips,” he says. “Let your mind wander and be inspired by all of the material around you. Put your entire jewelry collection in your pony!” O’ Connor recently created the most incredible embellished braided pony for Williams’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! , using actual jewelry like necklaces and earrings to decorate her hair. 


According to O’ Connor, we should all be looking towards the French for hair inspo this festival season because over-teased, carefree French Girl hair is set to dominate. The key to embracing that effortless “je ne sais quoi” will be to fully lean into bedhead hair—aka perfectly tousled “just-woke-up-like-this” hair with lots of texture. “Did you just get out of bed from a roll in the hay or did you spend an extra 10 mins in the mirror making it look that way… we may never know!” says O’ Connor. 

If you happen to try out any of these festival trends on your clients, or yourself, be sure to tag @readthetease on Instagram.

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