6 Personalized Hair Brands That Offer Custom Products


With so many different options available in haircare, it can be difficult to find hair products that feel like they were made just for you. Recently, a number of hair brands have worked to change that by offering personalized hair formulas and regimens.

Thanks to companies like Function of Beauty and Prose, the option of creating custom products specifically tailored to your hair type and texture is now a reality. As we all know, hair products are definitely not one-size-fits-all, so why not use a formula that’s suited to your hair needs and concerns?

Here, we rounded up six custom hair brands to help give your strands some extra TLC.


Formulate takes a “chemist-to-consumer” approach that combines technology with haircare to create a personalized shampoo and conditioner to meet your specific hair needs.  To jumpstart the process, you’ll be asked to take a simple five minute quiz that asks you about your hair, scalp condition, lifestyle, environment, and hair goals. There, you’ll also be able to highlight your hair concerns and goals as well as select the scent of your products — as well as the strength of the scent.

From the quiz, the Formulate chemists and engineers will select ingredients to create your personalized hair products. Once you receive your products and begin using them, the Formulate team will check in on your progress and make the necessary formulation changes, free of charge.

For $49, you can get a 14oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner or just the shampoo or conditioner for $29.

Promising review: Gabrielle says, “Formulate is the best thing that has happened to my hair and I have never had such naturally voluminous and healthy hair! They are literally saving my post-partum hair!”

Function of Beauty

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you’ve likely seen the Function of Beauty’s aesthetically-pleasing bottles popping up all over your feed. Founded in 2015 by two MIT grads, this brand is the OG when it comes to customizable haircare lines. 

The way Function of Beauty works is that you start by taking a basic quiz about your hair and scalp type. Next, you’ll be asked to input up to five of your “hair goals” — options include volumize, color protection, anti-frizz, and curl definition. Then, you’ll get to decide how you want your hair products to look and smell. You can decide what scent you want, the color you want your formula to be, and even have your name printed on the side of your bottle. After completing the quiz, Function of Beauty will create a custom shampoo and conditioner (or leave-in products) just for you and your needs.

Prices vary depending on product sizes, but an 8oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner is $29 while a 16oz set is $49.

Promising review: Tomi says, “I needed something to help my scalp and make my hair look gorgeous. After the first wash I wash in love. My normally frizzy ends were suddenly smooth. My scalp felt like it got everything it’d been missing my whole life. I’m in love!”


Prose promises custom-blended hair products designed to solve your hair issues —all for the price of $25 or more per bottle. To start the process, you’ll be asked to take a super-personalized 25-question quiz filled with direct questions like “Do you get split ends?” and “How often do you shampoo your hair?” They also take into account your stress level, diet, lifestyle, and your environment.

Answering all of the questions, Prose will generate a detailed breakdown of your hair and scalp characteristics, before you place your order. Choosing from a collection of over 75 natural ingredients, their team will create your own unique hair product formula to target your specific concerns.

As far as price, a pre-shampoo hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner set goes for $88 or you can pick and choose specific products for varying prices ranging from $25-$58.

Promising review: Jenny says, “My hair has been transformed! As a redhead, my hair needs a lot of maintenance. Prose has elevated my hair experience to a whole new level!”


Similar to other custom hair brands, Strands creates personalized hair products to meet your needs. However, instead of relying solely on a quiz to gather information about your hair, the brand uses scientific analysis that is carried out using molecular level technology.

The process is fairly simple. After ordering a $60 Strands kit online, you’ll receive a test kit in the mail with instructions to take samples of your hair to send back and be evaluated in a lab. Included in the kid are scent cards for picking your product formula’s fragrance as well as a scalp sebum test trip.

After returning your test kit, you’ll be asked to answer an online questionnaire to gather information about your lifestyle and hair. Next, Strands will generate a personalized hair report and shortly, afterwards you’ll receive your custom shampoo and conditioner.

Promising review: Carly says, “I was getting so tired of all the shampoos that claimed to be for my hair and this is the first one that ever has done what I need it to. It smells amazing and my hair and scalp feel so clean, but not that “straw-like” clean that other shampoos leave. Never going back to my old stuff.”

The OUAI Hair Consult

Never have a bad hair day again after receiving OUAI’s free custom hair consultation. The OUAI Hair Consult provides you with personalized product suggestions to help you achieve your hair goals.

To start, head over to OUAI’s website to take a simple seven-question quiz covering topics pertaining to your hair type and texture as well as your hair concerns. Then, based on your responses, they will generate a customized routine of OUAI products that are designed to work for you. Plus, the brand will share tips and tricks on how to use the products.

Promising review: Sara says, “You cannot go wrong with OUAI. Seriously, I have fallen in love with all of their products.”


Founded by Babba C. Rivera, Cermonia is a clean hair brand inspired by Latinx beauty rituals. At the moment, the brand’s sole product is Aceite de Moska, a scalp-treatment oil derived from the Dominican Republic. 

The brand currently offers the option of taking a short hair quiz to receive personalized product recommendations based on your specific hair needs. The 12-question quiz covers topics pertaining to your hair health, hair texture, and scalp condition.

Promising review: Ana says,” After using the products for a couple of weeks, my hair feels softer, more manageable, and even more glossy.”

All product reviews have been condensed for clarity and length. 

Do you use any custom hair products? Share with us below!

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