7 Reasons JCPenney Salon is the Best Salon to Call Home



When it comes to picking your salon home, you won’t find a better place to thrive in your career as stylist than JCPenney Salon. As one of America’s largest chain salons, JCPenney Salon strives to create a total beauty experience that meets the needs of the diverse clientele that they serve. 

If you’re curious what JCPenney Salon has to offer to stylists and salon pros—listen up! The Tease enlisted four of their stylists—Karli Mendez, Candace Otis, Bayar Ameen, and Taylor Allison—to share a few reasons why JCPenney Salon is such a wonderful place to work, no matter what stage you are in your professional journey.

Keep scrolling for the seven reasons why to choose JCPenney Salon.

Feel Welcome

At JCPenney Salon, you won’t find a more welcoming salon environment. Master stylist Karli Mendez says, “When you’re there, you kind of realize that everyone works with everyone.”

Feel Supported

Thanks to numerous mentorship opportunities that are available, stylists receive a constant stream of support as they progress in their careers and work towards achieving their dreams.  Master stylist Candace Otis says, “JCPenney really guides you through the process and makes sure that you are confident at each level as you continue to grow in this profession.”

Image courtesy: JCPenney Salon

Feel Independent

“It feels kind of like I am my own boss, but I do have that stability with JCPenney,” Mendez says. “It kind of eases that anxiety.”

Feel Success

Stylists at JCPenney Salon can earn up to 70 percent commission and up to $1,000 bonus based on their performance. Mendez adds, “You also have the stability of having the hourly to back you up on top of your commission.”

Image Courtesy: JCPenney Salon

Feel Freedom

At JCPenney Salon, stylists can feel in control of their schedule thanks to the flexibility that’s offered. “It’s amazing to be a master stylist,” Master stylist Bayar Ameen says. “You have the freedom to set your own schedule.”

Feel Growth

JCPenney Salon recognizes your potential and provides you with opportunities to grow in your career. Senior stylist Taylor Allison says, “ I started with JCPenney salon working the front desk. I worked my way up to being a designer stylist and now I’m a senior stylist.”

Image Courtesy: JCPenney Salon

Feel Educated

“The wonderful thing about JCPenney salon is, of course, the continuing education,” says Mendez, who’s taken about seven or eight continuing classes for over a year. “And, we’re not just talking about regular highlights. It’s literally balayage, texture, and new products to help you evolve as the structured stylists that we’re trying to achieve.” 

To learn more about how to join the JCPenney Salon team, be sure to visit jobs.jcp.com and follow @jcpenneysalon on Instagram. 

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