All About Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor’s New Nashville Salon, Fruits Hair Lab


Throughout her career, Hayley Williams has never been shy when it comes to experimenting with hair. The Paramore star has rocked several vibrant and eye-catching shades, such as her signature orange, an electric blue, and a two-tone pink . Given her personal passion for hair experimentation, it’s no surprise that recently she announced that her and her long time stylist, Brian O’Connor, would be opening their very own salon.

The salon, called Fruits Hair Lab, is not Williams’ and O’Connor’s first venture into the hair industry. In 2016, the two launched a line of vegan, semi-permanent hair dyes, called Good Dye Young. The brand is still a success today, offering dozens of ways to dye, such as color depositing masks, one day color pastes, and semi permanent dyes. The brand is adored by alternative consumers for its dozens of fun, vibrant shades. 

Fruits Hair Lab opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee this past week. It opened very shortly after Williams announced it on Instagram, although she claimed the project was two years in the making. The salon prides itself on being “an exclusive safe space to express yourself through hair”. They offer a wide range of different hair coloring services. The lab also takes gender out of hair, organizing cut services by length instead. 

Another important value that Fruit Hair Lab necessitates is being environmentally friendly. They are a Green Circle salon, which means they are certified to be sustainable and actively fight the beauty industry’s environmental impact. Additionally, Fruits also adds a small “eco fee” of $1.45 to all appointments in order to maintain their carbon-neutral business practices. 

To stay updated about Fruits Hair Lab and their services, make sure to  check out their Instagram.

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Manon Bushong

Manon Bushong is currently an Editorial Intern at The Tease. Manon adores liquid eyeshadows, thrifting, and spontaneously changing her hair color. Manon loves experimenting with semi-permanent hair color, and her favorite brands for them are Overtone and Loreal Colorista.


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