In the dynamic landscape of the 2020s, one trend that has captured the spotlight is the surging popularity of Botox. As accessibility and acceptance grow, “Bro-tox” is becoming a buzzword among men like never before. The Tease sat down with “Bro-tox” pioneer Amir Mortazavi, the CEO & founder of Vitalyc Medspa, delving into the world of male aesthetics, the Botox process, and dispelling gender norms surrounding injectables.

Understanding “Bro-tox”

For those not yet acquainted, Botox is a brand name for a paralytic neurotoxic protein known as Botulinum Toxin. It is renowned for its ability to induce muscle paralysis and temper facial expressions. In this era of Zoom meetings, men are paying more attention to their appearance, especially those pesky forehead lines that appear out of nowhere. This has given birth to the “Bro-tox” phenomenon, with a whopping 182% increase in men seeking Botox treatments in 2020 compared to 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

It’s all happening as society is becoming more accepting of the idea that medical aesthetics are a legitimate part of the wellness landscape.

Amir Mortazavi: Pioneering “bro-tox”

With a background in multisite healthcare and personal experience as a consumer in medical aesthetics, Amir Mortazavi signed his first lease in 2018, and Vitalyc Medspa was born. Vitalyc is a gender-neutral lifestyle Medical Spa offering its patients a luxury one-stop destination for all their aesthetic needs. During our discussion, Amir shared with The Tease how his passion for enhancing the quality of care for men in aesthetics ignited when he recognized the need for modernizing processes and improving service delivery.

Breaking Stereotypes

While Botox has come a long way in terms of public opinion, misconceptions about injectables still linger. The fear of appearing botched, overly filled, or entirely frozen is common. Another prevalent misconception is that injectables are visible and noticeable to those around us.

Amir shares a saying at Vitalyc, “The best injectable is the least detectable.” It’s essential to note that Botox can serve both preventative and corrective purposes. Starting earlier in life can ensure that its effects remain entirely undetectable.

The Process and Experience

Botox targets specific muscles responsible for expression lines, like the “eleven lines” (glabella) and “forehead lines” (frontalis) of common concern for men. These lines form due to repeated muscle contractions and can become permanent.

The Tease: As a consumer with personal experience in injectables and the CEO and Founder of Vitalyc, can you share what we can expect from a Botox injection appointment?


  • Preparation: Botox is initially concentrated, so we dilute it with bacteriostatic water according to the treatment plan and injection sites.
  • Marking: Our practitioners mark the patient’s face using a white pencil.
  • Expression Guidance: Patients perform facial expressions (e.g., raising eyebrows or smiling) to identify precise injection points.
  • Injection: Ice may be used for comfort; the procedure feels like small pinpricks. Around 12-16 injections are typical for the forehead and a similar number for the crow’s feet.
  • Safety Measures: Sterile equipment and multiple syringes prevent needle dulling, ensuring a clean process.
  • Follow-up: A two-week follow-up assesses results and allows for necessary touch-ups.

The Benefits of “Bro-tox”

Today, we are breaking down barriers and no longer gatekeeping youth! The ability to pause the clock is now accessible to all genders. Bro-tox rescues men from appearing fatigued, helping their outward appearance align with their inner vitality. 

Considering “Bro-tox”

When considering “Bro-tox,” it is important to know the lingo. Botox and other neurotoxins are priced per unit, typically ranging from $10 to $18 per unit. Amir acknowledged that men with more substantial facial muscle mass may require more units per area than women for a similar outcome. The cost per unit can vary significantly based on the practitioner’s location and expertise.

Beyond “Bro-tox”

Amir anticipates a rising trend among men: body contouring. This involves a blend of treatments to eliminate fat (like Coolsculpting) and build muscle (such as Emsculpt Neo). Men are becoming increasingly health-conscious and seeking non-invasive, non-surgical solutions. Keep an eye out for other services like laser hair removal, medical weight loss, hormone replacement for mood and aging, and IV therapy.

Cosmetic botox sales: https://news.abbvie.com/news/press-releases/abbvie-reports-full-year-and-fourth-quarter-2022-financial-results

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