Celebrity Stylists Spill the Secrets to Achieving the Coolest Halloween Hairstyles


Although some people have their costumes thoroughly planned months in advance, many of us experience a jolt of Halloween panic when mid-October rolls around. If the amount of spooky events you have to attend exceeds the number of outfits you can conjure up, do not stress! Instead, let your hair be your canvas.

To help you out this season, we have included a few Halloween hair how-tos—courtesy of our favorite celebrity stylists and influencers. Each look can be achieved with the aid of a few UNITE hair products, which we have linked below. 


Take part in what’s sure to be this year’s hottest costume, while simultaneously rocking the best hair in the room! During Paris Haute Couture Week, UK-based celebrity stylist Sophie Sugarman absolutely nailed a Barbie-inspired look on Camila Coelho, and lucky for us she has offered her tricks for recreating this stunning look. 

Image courtesy of Sophie Sugarman’s Instagram.

“Prep is key with this look. That’s why I love using UNITE’s BLOW&SET Lotion – it lifts, curls and sculpts the hair to make it long-lasting,” says Sugarman. “After using this on damp hair, I then take my round brush and blow dry the hair with a curl, pinning the hair up after each section to set. Once the hair has cooled down, I pin it down section by section. She adds, “To achieve long-lasting volume and fullness I like to add U:DRY High Dry Shampoo to the roots of the hair and tease slightly at the roots to lock in that volume. Lastly, I apply TEXTURIZA Spray through the mid-lengths and ends to give it that effortless texture.”

If you’re set on channeling a more retro Barbie vibe with your hair, consider creating this show-stopping ‘70s glam blowout that  Cesar DeLeon Ramirez styled for Bebe Rexha for the 2023 Grammys. According to Ramirez, he “applied BLOW&SET Lotion on our damp Wildform Wig hair to set and hold the shape. Using a small ceramic round brush, I dried and smoothed out each section. Once dry, I sprayed the weightless and translucent TEXTURIZA Spray to the root area for volume and grip. Using a 1.5″ marcel iron, I curled and over directed each section forward, then clipped it to cool and set.” He says, “After installing Bebe’s wig, I then brushed each section out, sprayed it with the flake-free and brushable Lé:Play Hairspray for an all day hold that is soft and bouncy with a satin finish”. 

The Little Mermaid

Another iconic figure to channel this Halloween is none other than everyone’s favorite mermaid, Ariel. The live-action version of The Little Mermaid was an instant success, and Halle Bailey stunned with each of her hair looks. Although we cannot all have renowned stylist Camille Friend transform us into a glamorous mermaid this Halloween, there are certainly ways to achieve inspired styles at home! 

One route you can take for nautical glam is a braided ponytail, which celebrity hair stylist Hayley Heckmann has the inside scoop on how best to do so. Heckmann recommends first securing the hair into a high ponytail, and spraying it with MAXCONTROL Spray. This measure ensures it remains in place all night, while giving it a satin and flake-free finish. To achieve the perfect braid, she applied  CONUNDRUM Paste to the palm of her hands beforehand. “This will make sure any frizz and flyaways are tucked away,” she says. Finish with extensions for that beachy length, and any sort of deep sea accessories you can get your hands on. 

Image courtesy of Annabelle Hooper.

If you were looking to let your hair loose for your Ariel look, beauty influencer Annabelle Hooper has some tips to share for replicating her gorgeous beachy style. Hooper highly recommends starting off SMOOTH & SHINE Styling Cream before any sort of heat products, especially if you value the integrity of your hair. After taking these preventative measures, she used a curling tactic where she alternated directions in order to achieve that tousled and effortless effect. To finish it off, she applied BOOSTA Finishing Spray for further volume and shine. 

Britney Spears 

If you were thinking of steering clear of more recent cultural references and wanted to opt for more of a throwback costume, there’s always Britney Spears’ legendary “Oops…I Did It Again” look! Celebrity stylist Patricia Lansingh recently took inspiration from this iconic style when creating Witney Carson’s DWTS appearance look, and she has shared some insights to help you recreate it at home. 

“I applied BLOW&SET Lotion on damp hair from root to ends to shape and sculpt, and then rough dried the hair upside down for more volume and lift at the roots. Next, I used a round brush to smooth everything out,” says Lansingh. “Once dry and blown out, I applied the heavy-lifting volumizing powder, EXPANDA Dust at the roots to hold the tease.” She adds, “Lastly, I used two small rubber bands to lock down the sides and tie underneath the hair and finished with SMOOTH&SHINE Styling Cream to help with flyaways.”

Baby Spice 

Spice up your life this Halloween by channeling your inner Baby Space with some playful pigtails! To replicate this fun look, color and wig expert Daved Anthony Munoz relied on TEXTURIZA Spray for fullness, and  SMOOTH&SHINE Styling Cream to smooth damaged ends and add additional shine. To really take this look to the next level, he added  pom poms as the finishing touch.

Disco Curls 

Bebe Rexha is giving us all major hair envy with this high volume curls, and there are countless costumes that could benefit from a look this glamorous! Celebrity stylist Cesar DeLeon Ramirez achieved this style with the help of TEXTURIZA Spray, ensuring the curls had volume without sacrificing matte finish or a workable hold. After your curls have been secured, you are ready to be anything from a disco diva to a bold lioness. 

Which look are you most excited to try? Feel free to tag @readthetease in any halloween hair looks you rock this season!

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