Cherry Coke Red is a Thing Thanks to Dua Lipa — Here’s How to Get it


A few weeks ago, global pop star, actress, burgeoning media mogul and all-around trendsetter, Dua Lipa, wiped her Instagram and posted a single selfie-style image featuring a brand new hair color. The choice? Red, naturally — the color of fall. But not just any red. A deep, bodied red — something wholly artificial and yet… delicious. Like a Cherry Coke.

The Tease team was instantly obsessed with the change and reached out to Richy Kandasamy, colorist, VP of just-launched R+COLOR Development and R+Co Collective Member, to learn exactly how to recreate the look. Keep scrolling for Kandasamy’s insights on formulation and maintenance.

The Tease: Dua Lipa recently debuted a deep “Cherry Coke Red” hair color on her Instagram. Can you share with colorists how to recreate the look using R+COLOR products?

Richy Kandasamy: To craft the Dua lipa “Cherry Coke Red” hair color, start with R+COLOR’s Omnipresent. Begin at the roots with a enigmatic blend of Fox Red and Mars Red, guided by Momentum Developer 10 vol. As you traverse toward the mid-lengths, apply Omnipresent Fox Red so it can blend harmoniously using a 20 vol developer. This will give a rich crafting of autumnal hues. This combination will yield the splendid, rich “Cherry Coke” red hair that epitomizes the Autumn & winter season’s fiery splendor.

What advice do you have for maintaining this color?


  1. Use Color-protecting shampoo and conditioner: Invest in color-specific hair care products designed to prevent fading. These can help lock in the color and keep your hair looking vibrant. R+Co’s Gemstone Shampoo and Conditioner and Masque are great examples.                    
  2. Washing your hair with cold or cool water can help seal the hair cuticles and prevent color from rinsing out too quickly.                                                    
  3. Try to reduce the frequency of hair washing, as a frequent washing can sensitive the cuticles so the color can fade faster. Consider using dry shampoo to freshen up between washes. R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo is great for this.                          
  4. UV Protection is key for red tones in hair. Sunlight can cause color to fade. Use UV-protecting products or wear a hat when you’re out in the sun. R+Co’s SUNCATCHER Leave-In Conditioner is one of my recommendations.                       
  5. Always avoid hot tools if possible. Excessive heat styling can lead to color fading. Use heat protectants and limit the use of flat irons or curling irons.                
  6. Refreshing your color with R+COLOR Demi liquid stellar gloss or Star sign cream Demi color to refresh in between service as you will need to maintain the vibrancy of your Cherry Coke color. 

Generally, how often should clients come back for a refresh?

Kandasamy: The frequency for refreshing “Cherry Coke” hair color can vary based on individual factors such as your hair’s natural growth, the specific products used, and your desired level of vibrancy.

  • Root Touch-Up: If you have a significant contrast between your natural hair color and the “Cherry Coke” shade, you may need a root touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the color consistent at the roots.
  • Full Color Refresh: For an all-over refresh of the vibrant red, consider a full color refresh every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the intensity and shine of the “Cherry Coke” hue.

R+COLOR is available at R+Co salons nationwide. For more on R+COLOR, including how to experience the range, visit their website.

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