Cut Hair Anywhere: 5 Best Barber Bags for the Mobile Barber


Every mobile barber needs specific tools to cut hair on the move. Figuring out how to effectively transport your tools can be the most annoying part of mobile barbering. If you’re in the market for a new barber bag, here are your top picks.

Master Barber Travel Case

When I went to barber school in 2018, many barbers rocked the hard shell briefcase. Most of these cases featured one large compartment without any organization. You would just throw all your tools in the open compartment and call it good. It was a relatively cheap option that got the job done but did not protect your tools.

Fortunately, Vincent upgraded the briefcase option with compartments that protect and organize your tools through their Master Barber Travel Case. If you appreciate the briefcase vibe, this might be the one for you.

The General from By Appt Only

I remember the first time I saw The General. Leche visited my barber school to teach a class and pulled up on his motorcycle with an all-black backpack. He started setting up his station and sure enough, the backpack carried all his tools. I was in awe. It was the first barber backpack I’d ever seen. Up until that moment, I had only seen the briefcase. Leche stored an impressive amount of tools and the bag looked dope. To no surprise, the bag was from By Appt Only which is a barber lifestyle brand founded by Vince Garcia aka Vince the Barber. 

Vince is a professional barber who serves butter soft fades to celebrity and professional athletes like Devin Booker, Travis Kelce and the JabbaWockeez. He is also a featured barber on The Shop by Uninterrupted, an ambassador for the Dior Sauvage Grooming Line and the Gillette Barber Council. 

I picked up The General at BarberConLA. Trust me, it lives up to the hype.

Large Premium Backpack from JRL

The first barber backpack I bought was actually from JRL. It was under $100 and had more than enough storage for what I needed. I bought the Original Travel Backpack which has unfortunately been discontinued. However, JRL released their new Large Premium Backpack. It is a fantastic option for a barber who creates a lot of content. You’ll be able to store your camera and lens in the padded compartment. Bonus: this option comes at a very affordable price point.

The Sidekick from By Appt Only

The first time I saw The Sidekick was on Marcus Harvey at the Tennessee Barber Expo. He pulled up rocking the limited Sidekick in sage. It surprisingly carried his whole kit. Marcus is always on the go and mentioned how much he liked the compact size of The Sidekick for travel. If you fly often, this bag will be perfect for you. I picked one up directly from the By Appt Only booth at BarberConLA. It has been my go-to bag for house calls. 

All-in-One Mobile Station from G&B Pro

Meet the only bag in this lineup that can transform into a mobile station. It features an extendable tray system that turns your bag into a station. A very practical design that eliminates the mess of placing tools on a countertop. G&B boasts the largest collection of bags out of any of these brands. You’ll definitely be able to find the right bag for you in their lineup. 

Grooming-to-Go Bag from BaBylissPRO

If you are familiar with Vic Blends then you have probably seen this bag. Vic has many viral videos of cutting strangers. He literally walks up to random people and courageously asks if he can give them a free haircut. These recorded conversations are truly inspirational and they wouldn’t be possible without his barber backpack. He typically rocks this Grooming-to-Go Bag from BaBylissPRO.

BaBylissPRO is known for bringing innovation to the industry and they have continued that reputation with this backpack. You will appreciate the guard storage in the top compartment and the detachable mirror. If you want this bag, you’ll need to keep a close eye out. It goes out of stock pretty often. 

The Rig from SLCKR 

Technically, The Rig is not a barber bag. It’s your barber bag’s best friend. In a featured article from SLCKR, celebrity barber Moody boldly stated that “buying my first rig was one of the best purchases I have ever made in my career.” This original barber chest will take your mobile barbering game to new heights. It is a perfect blend of organization and style. Your clients will be impressed and you’ll shave off 10 minutes from your service by eliminating the need to pick up and put down tools from your station. 

Every barber needs a bag to protect their money makers. Pick up any of these bags and you’ll be ready to cut hair anywhere. 

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Matthew Mendoza

Matthew Mendoza is a licensed barber, educator and consultant. He offers an online course that helps barbers pass their barber exam, hosts the podcast Beyond Barber School which provides emerging barbers with the critical guidance needed to start their business and writes a newsletter called theGuideline about the latest trends in the barber industry.

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