Daniel Moon on How HAIR Los Angeles is Supporting Salon Pros


One business working to ease hairstylists’ transition back to work in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic is HAIR Los Angeles. Founded by Daniel Moon, HAIR Los Angeles provides high quality cuts, color (take a look at their Instagram for a hint) and styling. Not only do they offer exclusive services, but they have created the ultimate fashionable and functional product, the Major Apron.

The reusable protective wear can be easily disinfected in between appointments, giving stylists an eco-friendlier alternative to protect themselves and their clients in the salon. Plus they’re ethically made in the USA and available in 10 colorways.


Right now, Major Aprons are 20% off, with a portion of sales going to the PBA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. We got the inside scoop about the Major Apron from Moon himself.

The Tease: Most of California is still on lockdown, which means salons and barbershops are closed. How is the HAIR Los Angeles team holding up? 

Daniel Moon: We’re taking this time to re-center ourselves, rest and prep the salon for the re-open. We are thankful to be supporting hairdressers with the Major Apron (protective gear) upon returning back to work. We have a good group chat going with our team thinking of ways to innovate and improve at this time. And we love a good Zoom hang.

What was the original inspiration behind the Major Apron? Was disinfection always important to the design?

Yes, staying clean is always what I had in mind when creating the Major Apron. I’m a heavy bleacher and would always soak my aprons made out of regular material. I needed to cleanse myself after every big color correction. The Major Apron was the only apron I could do that with. The Major Apron is a piece of art, and it goes with everything.

I wear it, like everything on me, to inspire me. We stand in front of a mirror all day, so we have to be reminded of our own uniqueness. We are creators of beauty, polishing people one after another, and we deserve to feel our best too. 

You’re discounting the aprons and donating a portion of proceeds to the PBA. What led you to make this decision?  

We are a small business, so we want to do our part to help out other independent stylists by making it easy to invest in our product. We make the aprons in Los Angeles—so our costs are higher than if we were making parts overseas—but we believe in the quality of our goods and the importance of keeping your business local (especially in manufacturing). Hairdressers need support. The industry is a family and we have the opportunity to be there for them, so we are happy to donate. 

Salon owners and stylists should follow their state’s guidelines, of course, but how are you preparing for California’s eventual re-opening?

HAIR Los Angeles is an open space. Our stations have always been well spread apart. We’ll increase distance where we have to and wear the correct protective gear. I think mindset is incredibly important, and supporting each other, communicating directly and being honest about where everyone’s at keeps the team at greater ease.


The unique design of the Major Apron is something we’ve never seen before. How did you decide on the style and color combos?

I wanted to make something that was lightweight, breathable and easy to clean. They really are super comfortable—it’s funny because sometimes with the design, people think it can get you hot or that they may be heavy with the straps—but once you put it on, you’ll be surprised how light and easy they are. I’ve been making these aprons for four years with stylists all around the world using them and loving them every day.

The idea behind this is tried and true, and they really are a staple for people. They have already stood the test of time, and it’s exciting for them to get more recognition for protective aspects as well as the design. I love all the colors. I made an apron color for every mood I have—and I love to match them with my outfit. 


A few of the colors are sold out right now. Where can our readers find the Major Apron, and will you be restocking?

We are restocking and introducing a new baby blue apron too. Our iridescent apron, which fans have been asking for for months, will be coming back out at the end of June. It’s a fun experience being able to accessorize with the apron; it makes each day feel a little more special. 

My vision is to walk into a salon, and everyone has a different color on. It would be like a Piet Mondrian. The whole salon would be a living art piece. People would enjoy just looking around, so visual.

Anything else you’d like to share with The Tease?

We’re artists and in the time of struggle. We thrive by staying connected. Remember that! We’re all in this together. Check in on your people—and know that people will be very thankful when they are able to receive your talents again.

If you like the Major Aprons as much as we do, you’re in luck. We’re giving away a Major Apron in Clear along with Major Moonshine, to one lucky winner! Head to our Instagram for more contest details.

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