Environmentally-Conscious Hair Products That Should Be on Everyone’s Holiday Wishlist


As the holiday season approaches, you may have begun feeling that pressure to start gathering gifts. While holiday shopping can be stressful, it does not have to be. Sometimes a nice hair product can serve as the perfect present, especially when it’s one that benefits the planet. Whether you have a hair enthusiast in your life, or are simply looking for some new products for yourself, here are some great hair gifts for the environmentally conscious! 

Ethique’s Gift Packs

Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars are some of the most ethical hair products on the market today. They’re vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic, as well as being extremely sustainable. The products are concentrated, so that each conditioning bar is the same as five bottles of conditioner. This is an insane way to cut back on plastic packaging used in your hair routine. There is also a wide variety of different versions to appeal to all hair types, or to help with any sort of hair struggle, such as oil, dandruff, and frizziness. What puts Ethique at the top of our gift guide is the fact that they carry a selection of affordable Gift Packs to make your holiday shopping extra simple!

Shop: Live and Let Shine Gift Pack for Balanced Hair, $27

Dirty Hippie’s Eco Friendly Leave in Conditioner

Dirty Hippie is an exceptional sustainable brand based out of Australia. They use recycled paper to make most of their packaging, and subsequently it can all be composted. They are also in the process of moving to a solar powered headquarters. A perfect product to gift the environmentally conscious hair lover in your life is their Leave in Conditioner. This popular product is crafted with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, Moroccan Argan oil, and essential oils of rose geranium and jasmine. It’s intended to soothe and nourish hair, while also repairing damage. 

Shop: Leave in Conditioner, $19

Innersense “I Create Volume” Hair Lotion 

Innersense’s “I Create Volume” is a medium hold styling lotion sure to give your hair a fuller look. With key ingredients such as aloe vera and rice amino acids, this product will leave your hair with an amazing scent and healthy feel. As a brand, Innersense pledges clean chemistry in all of their products. This year they also made the leap to rely on 100% post recycled materials for all of their products, demonstrating their commitment to the planet. 

Shop: I Create Volume, $26

Hairstory New Wash Original Subscription 

Hairstory is a brand that pushes the idea that shampoo is not the best way to wash your hair. They offer a shampoo alternative that does not overclean your hair, ultimately leaving it with moisture and its correct natural balance. Additionally, they offer a refill subscription program, allowing you to minimize your hair product packaging waste. The packaging is also entirely nontoxic, and a portion of all New Wash sales is donated to nonprofits dedicated to water conservation. 

Shop: New Wash Original, $26

Lush Angel Hair Shampoo Bar 

When purchased in store, the Lush Angel Hair Shampoo Bar has zero packaging. It’s also vegan and contains the same amount of shampoo as three 250ml bottles, proving it to be an ethical product. The Angel Hair Shampoo Bar contains rose water, witch hazel, and cocoa butter, leaving you with hydrated hair and a happy scalp. It also has a gorgeous color and scent. 

Shop: Angel Hair Shampoo Bar $14.50 

Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Brush 

Olivia Garden’s “Healthy Hair” ionic paddle collection is the perfect brush for the environmentally conscious. The brush is constructed from bamboo, an entirely renewable resource that serves as a great alternative to hardwood forests. It’s also an extremely durable product with gentle, ion charged bristles. With three different sizes, this brush is set is perfect for all hair needs. 

Shop: Healthy Hair Ionic Paddle, $18.95

KITSCH Eco Friendly Hair Towel 

Microfiber hair towels have certainly been a hot product in recent years, however, not all of them are made sustainably. Luckily, the brand Kitsch offers an eco-friendly option to this great hair tool. This towel reduces hair breakage, speeds up drying time, and is extremely gentle regardless of your hair type. Most importantly, it is eco friendly and entirely biodegradable. 

Shop Eco Friendly Hair Towel, $17.25

Roomshop Scrunchie 

Roomshop scrunchies serve the perfect sustainable stocking stuffers. This brand, based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to being zero waste. They construct their products from fabric scraps and other recycled textiles. They also only create products in small batches, and guarantee all leftover materials are recycled! 

Shop Mini Cloud Scrunchie, $12

Take the stress out of the holiday season and use this gift guide to shop for all of your sustainable loved ones! Let us know your favorite sustainable products in the comments below.

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