Evenprime Offers High Quality Skincare for a Brighter Future


Founded by Koh Kim after observing advanced skincare practices in Asia, Evenprime is a brand that’s dedicated to the future. It uses scientific processes found in K-beauty and offers high-quality skincare in a fun, forward-thinking way — partnering with award-winning chemists to ensure vegan skincare for every race, gender and “celestial being.”

The Future is Bright


Going for a “familiar, yet somewhat alien” vision, Evenprime’s goal is to inspire its users to progress towards a brighter future. As seen on their beautifully curated Instagram account, the brand uses futuristic vibes to sell gender-neutral skincare products backed by science and the imaginative possibilities of tomorrow.


Not to mention, their clever packaging is anime inspired and meant to appeal to 90’s kids who were raised on Asian pop culture (think Dragon Ball Z) and are obsessed with nostalgia.

Sustainable Practices


In keeping their promise to support a brighter future, Evenprime dedicates itself to sustainability. All tubes and bottles housing their products are recyclable, and all packaging is made with FSC-certified paper from well-managed forests. Not to mention, Evenprime’s shipping practices are devised to lessen the brand’s carbon footprint.

They even support ocean cleanup efforts around the world by donating 1% of all revenue!


High Quality Products

No matter what product you’re looking for, Evenprime’s got it. The Complete Skincare Kit, which includes a gel cleanser, face mist and daily moisturizer, is the perfect bundle to start with. The cleanser eliminates dirt and grime, while the face mist calms the skin, and the moisturizer hydrates and renews your complexion.


Another highly rated product is the Hypernova Eye Serum. Formulated with Peptides, Beta-Glucan, Artemisia and Caffeine, the cream reduces dark circles and puffiness, while brightening and soothing under eyes.


But the best part is, all ingredients are plant based, vegan, toxin-free and cruelty-free. Evenprime also never uses parabens, sulfates, phthalates or essential oils in their products. Needless to say, when you use Evenprime skincare products, you are supporting a better future for yourself, your skin and the planet.

Click here to learn more about Evenprime. And be sure to follow them on Instagram for more futuristic vibes

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